So Good to Have Good Eye Sight Again!

For the past two weeks I have endured another fear in my life while fighting with my right eye. For a few days, I thought the poor eye sight was going to win, then I decided it was time to let it rest. And so I did.

I am pleased to announce, my eye sight is much better now. Nightly, I have been a really ‘good girl,’ obeying the suggestions of my eye specialist by removing my contact every night. With every awakening, I see improvement. It is so special to have good eye sight again. Now, I must remember while working at a computer — I must take the time to look away from the screen. To remind me to do this, I have the TV on. Occasionally something from the Trial of Dr.  Murray/Michael Jackson will catch my attention and I glance away from the computer screen while continuing to allow my fingers to dance across the keyboard.

Another suggestion the doctor stated was for me to blink, blink, blink more often. “This is good for dry eyes,” she said, “And your right eye does have dry eye syndrome.” OK, so now I’ll blink more. If you, my friends, are reading this and see me out and about, now you will know why I am blinking more. No, I’m not batting my eyes at some guy. Simply blinking. Blinking…and blinking to lubricate my right eye!

I truly learned an important lesson from this experience. Just how many times have I ‘forgotten’ to remove my contact after wearing it for one week. DUH! I don’t know! I do not count those incidents. And — how many times have I worn the same contact for — more than two weeks? Don’t know!!!

While working at a university, I saw many students remove their contact, wet it with a bit of saliva and place it back in their eye. Trust me, I’ve never done that!

Now, after this experience, I will take better care of my eyes. I do not wish to lose my sight, and I don’t imagine others who are losing their sight want to have this happen, but things do happen in life. We just have to learn how to cope and deal with these situations. Today, I am so thankful to be able to see again, to not have to squint and focus with much difficulty and to not wear the “dollar store reading glasses!”

Sorry For the Delay – All Related to Sleeping in Contacts!

Yes, I know, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted anything on my blog. I do apologize. The past few weeks have been a bit difficult for me, especially with an unexpected eye problem.

Allow me to explain. About two weeks ago, I awoke with my right eye out of focus. I excused it by saying I was a bit sleepy still. I rubbed my eyes, removed my contact in the right eye, thinking I needed to clean it. After all, I hadn’t removed it since Saturday night. I’ve worn contacts for years, always wearing the soft, disposable type that you could sleep in. DON’T DO IT!!!

After rinsing the contact, I popped it back into my eye. Still unable to focus, I turned my computer on. Fortunately, I know the keyboard well. A writer simply must know how to allow her fingers to dance along the keyboard to type. My keyboard is the ergonomic type. After my computer awoke, I pulled e-mail, unable to focus my eye. What is going on?

I reached for my reading glasses. All I saw was fog. I phoned my eye doctor and made an appointment for Friday. When that morning arrived, I could see a bit, only to have my eye unfocus periodically. The eye doctor confirmed I was having difficulty when I could not read the eye charts.  Oh dear, I thought. What is going on?

My  eye doctor has the personality of a cow, at least on this date. He admitted that he was ‘dumbfounded’ regarding my right eye. My left eye was the weak one, but on this date it was 20/20. He referred me to a specialist, giving me a piece of paper that I simply could not read. Before you panic wondering if I drove to the eye doctor, the answer is yes. Distance doesn’t bother me. I could even read license plates, but up close — I could see you, just could not focus or read a simple piece of paper.

Such dreadful news for a writer! On Monday, a holiday, the specialist phoned to book the appointment for ten days. Ten days I said. Please find me an earlier appointment. I’ll take anything you have this week!

To make a long story short, I saw the eye surgeon on Wednesday. My eye is fine. On that date, I could read and see the eye chart! The prognosis — dry eye syndrome from sleeping in contacts!

But I’ve done this for years, I said. She nodded, taking the time to explain. I removed my contact in my right eye. She recommended that I keep the contact out for seven days. Today is day number six. Since my eye is definitely feeling better, along with the vision significantly improved, I decided to wear the contact today, just to see how my eye would do. I am happy to report, my eye is fine today! The contact is comfortable. The eye doesn’t feel as dry as it was, and it so magnificent to see again without blinking and straining my eye.

Eye sight is such a blessing, but I was beginning to prepare myself for vision in only one eye, and I planned to do research to prepare myself in the event my vision would not return. To say I was frightened is an understatement. I’ve learned a valuable lesson now. Do not sleep in contacts. Even if, you are too tired to remove them. Simply make removing the contacts and soaking them for the night night time a part of your nightly beauty routine. I certainly will. Lessons learned — almost the hard way!