I’m Sick of Trying to Post on The Weight Watchers Blog

It doesn’t like me, and so here I go — posting on my blog! Weight Watchers please fix your blog site. I’m sick of it always giving me a stupid code that ‘can’t post now…try later…’ Please, spare me the details! Thanksgiving is gone and past. I hear people complaining about the weight they gainedContinue reading “I’m Sick of Trying to Post on The Weight Watchers Blog”

A Thanksgiving Message to Our Soldiers Families

Dearest Readers: Below is a post I wrote a few years ago for Thanksgiving, and remembrance of our soldiers who might be away at this time of year. I hope you enjoy, and I hope we all have a Happy Thanksgiving season. This is a personal message to the families of our soldiers. Today isContinue reading “A Thanksgiving Message to Our Soldiers Families”

Another Failing Attempt to Post on Weight Watchers

Getting just a bit annoyed EVERY TIME I attempt to post in my Weight Watchers blog, so here goes — on MY blog!  I must say, I am feeling so much better about myself now that I am losing weight THE RIGHT WAY! No drugs. No specialty drinks. No deprivation! I tell everyone, if you reallyContinue reading “Another Failing Attempt to Post on Weight Watchers”

Just What is it With the Weight Watchers Blog???

Since my Weight Watchers blog is NOT WORKING again — decided to post this on my blog. For many weeks I’ve had great difficulty getting my blogs to post, so let us try this again, and see if it works. As a professional writer, I certainly hope so! I joined Weight Watchers March 3, 2011.Continue reading “Just What is it With the Weight Watchers Blog???”