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It doesn’t like me, and so here I go — posting on my blog! Weight Watchers please fix your blog site. I’m sick of it always giving me a stupid code that ‘can’t post now…try later…’ Please, spare me the details! Thanksgiving is gone and past. I hear people complaining about the weight they gained …

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Happy Thanksgiving

November 21, 2011

The turkey is ready, awaiting the time to brine and prepare for a Thanksgiving feast. The menu is planned with delicious roast turkey, dressing, fresh cranberry sauce, potatoes, cornbread dressing — or perhaps, oyster dressing. Whatever you as the cook prefer, along with your guests.

Thursday, November 24, 2011 is the day of Thanksgiving for the United States of America. Since 2001, America has learned to appreciate and give thanks during a time of war. Many of our family members will be away from us, and I am certain it is difficult. If that is the scenario in your family, please be thankful for SKYPE, e-mail, cell phones and the ability to surf the Internet to speak with your loved one. Never is it easy to miss a loved one during this special time of Thanks, but many of us are still missing those we have lost, due to death.

As a writer, I would like to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving.  May you spend time enjoying your loved ones. May your turkey and all of the trimmings help you to appreciate the life we have, along with our freedom. If you are a soldier, away from home, reading this, I say a special Thank You to all of you.

Our family will spend Thanksgiving with dear friends, and our precious adopted rescue animals. Let us all be thankful for the life we have, the friends and family we share, and for the gift of celebration with our family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy all of the festivities and please remember to say a prayer to God for all that He has given to us, this day — and every day. Have a great Turkey Day!!!

November 13, 2011 — Tis the season as Father Time clicks the minutes and hours of 2011 away. This is a season to be thankful for all that we have in life, our accomplishments, and mostly a season to be thankful for those who have come into our lives. I fully believe people come into …

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