Another Failing Attempt to Post on Weight Watchers

Getting just a bit annoyed EVERY TIME I attempt to post in my Weight Watchers blog, so here goes — on MY blog!  I must say, I am feeling so much better about myself now that I am losing weight THE RIGHT WAY! No drugs. No specialty drinks. No deprivation! I tell everyone, if you really want to lose weight — join Weight Watchers. I have one friend who bounces from one diet to another – rarely accomplishing her goals. Yes, she has lost weight this year, but when she saw me a few weeks ago, she was so envious. I suppose I sound like Jennifer Hudson a bit, when I reply — go to Weight Watchers — simply because it works. You have a great support group at the meetings, and you recognize that you are not alone. It is a great feeling to see the accomplishments, and to hear the success stories. Yes, the first meeting is a bit scary — especially when stepping on the scales for the first time. No one can read what the scales report, with exception of the person recording your weight. All of them have been there. Some people are so intimidated — including me — but when you recognize that we are all here together for the same mission and goal, you feel much better! Regardless how long it takes me, I will continue this weight loss program. Now, Weight Watchers is a part of my life. Yes, it’s taken me eight months to lose 26 pounds — nevertheless, it is a loss! My clothes fit much better, and I have a few that I must gather, clean and give to Goodwill. If I get motivated and really clean the closet, I probably have almost a closet full to give away. Perhaps I’ll contribute to several charities. After all, someone might could use them.  I am proud that I have accomplished this, and when a distant friend replied that ‘she was jealous,’ I simply smiled and said, “Honey…You ain’t seen nothing yet!”