Every year I watch the Oscars…at least, for a bit. I love to see the fashions, the glitz, glamour and bling, bling. Some of the gowns are magnificent. Others? Well, let’s just say, I enjoy fashion and glamour, and I certainly like to make that ‘grand entrance.’ 

Tonight, I shall watch, hoping The Oscars is not boring – AGAIN. I look forward to seeing Barbra Streisand perform. Isn’t this the first time in over 30 years for her? She is such a class act.

What else do I wish to see at The Oscars? There are so many great films out and I confess, I’ve only seen a few. As an aspiring screenwriter, I really should see more of them. My budget has convinced me to wait on some until they are available at Netflix, or at Walmart.

I am pulling for “Zero Dark Thirty,” only because I’ve seen it and thought it was a great movie. I had my doubts about it, but must admit, it kept me on the edge of my seat. The language wasn’t what I expected as I anticipated the ‘four letter words’ and such. I was so thankful for that! I detest movies with the “F” word as a main character! If you haven’t seen “Zero Dark Thirty,” you must add it to your list.

Oops…I must go and freshen up. The Oscars Red Carpet starts at 7pm tonight, and I simply must freshen up a bit — to admire, dream and wish I could wear one of those amazing designer gowns. Did I mention I’m on a budget. I live in the South and Congress is apparently refusing to decide what to do with the Sequestrian. Just when will those ‘good ole boys’ get their act together and realize the United States needs to work together as a team to boost our economy, but that is another editorial, coming soon!

Perhaps that is why I enjoy The Oscars. It is a great escape for me to dream about life in tinseltown “Hollywood” and to wish I could live in such luxury.

Oh well. It’s back to reality, isn’t it!


Meeting Influential People Who Change Our Lives – A Toast

“People…People who need people are the luckiest people in the world…” and so goes the song recorded in September, 1964 by Barbra Streisand. That special song influenced me so much as I grew from childhood, recognizing that during my journey to adulthood I would meet  people…perhaps a person…one very special person…

“With one person – One very special person… A feeling deep in your soul…Says you are half now you’re whole…No more hunger and thirst…But first be a person who needs people
People, people who need people…are the luckiest people in the world…”

As a singer, I’ve rehearsed, and rehearsed to sing “People”, coming to the conclusion that no one sings it better than Barbra Streisand. Never have I sang “People” in public, but there are many times the song plays in my mind, especially when I think about the special people who are in my life.

I met such a person when I was blessed to meet Theresa Brousseau. A tall brunette, warm, inviting and engaging, Theresa Brousseau and I connected immediately during our first conversation. Engaged to one of her sons for a brief while, when I met her, she became my unofficial adopted mom. After our breakup, she kept in touch with me, sharing advice, guiding me along my way. Over the years, Theresa and I became close friends. Every year at Christmas, we exchanged Christmas cards and phone calls. Sometimes our phone conversations were lengthy, sharing bits and pieces of our lives, sharing stories about her son, his marriage, children, divorce and life.

During this time, I was married and when Theresa phoned, I let my husband know our conversations were not planned exchanges for us but phone conversations of two dear friends. In all reality, Theresa was more of a mother to me than my mother was. Instead of addressing Theresa by her name, she became “Mom Brousseau.”

After my marriage, I explained to my husband that Mom Brousseau was someone I wanted to keep in touch with; after all, she embraced me with love when she met me and she continued to share her love over the many years of our relationship.

Every Christmas our phone conversations shared stories of our lives. She was close to all of her grandchildren, and she was active in the Catholic church and the community of Nashua, New Hampshire. She shared stories of cold weather, especially the snow storms of New England. She asked me if I was happy with my life. Did my husband treat me well? How was my relationship with my mother? When she asked the last question, I became silent. Did I dare share my estranged relationship with my mother?

A few minutes into this conversation, Theresa listened to my tears. “It’s OK, dear. I know your mother was a hard woman to understand.,..”

“How did you know?”

“Remember when we met.”

My mind drifted back to that special Christmas…the Christmas I met my future-in-laws. I remembered the warm, tight hug Theresa gave me and how I laughed saying “I’ve never had a motherly hug like that…It felt good.”

Life has a way of changing our plans, along with our dreams, but Theresa and I kept our bonding tight. She was an amazing woman.

Three years ago it suddenly dawned on me that Theresa and I hadn’t spoken in a while. Her phone number was imbedded in my brain, so I dialed the number, only to reach a recording. Surfing on the Internet, I discovered her home was for sale. Although I attempted to locate her, I wasn’t successful until I checked the obituaries. Reading her obituary, I realized she had passed away in a Hospice. How I hope and pray she was not alone at the Hospice.

Last night, I dreamed about Theresa again. Tears flow down my face as I think about her and how she influenced my life. Hungering for a mother’s love all of my childhood, Theresa was the one woman who reached out, hugged me and showed me in so many ways how much she cared. To say I miss her phone calls, her laughter, her words of “I love you, Dear,” all are an understatement. No, we were not related. I did not marry into her family, but we shared a bonding, a tight connection, from the moment we first spoke on the phone, on the day her son broke up with me, and future phone calls.

Theresa Brousseau was one of the most influential people to come into my life. For many years, I was blessed to know her. Now that she is gone, I truly miss her. Theresa, aka — Mom Brousseau, I miss you, your laughter, strength, encouragement and love so very much. If children could choose a parent, no doubt I would’ve chosen you. Rest in peace, while knowing you were a very special person in my life.

“With one person
One very special person
A feeling deep in your soul
Says you are half now you’re whole
No more hunger and thirst
But first be a person who needs people
People, people who need people…are the luckiest people in the world.”

Happy Valentine’s Day

Today, February 14, 2013 is Valentine’s Day. Reportedly, Valentine’s Day began when ‘a French man by the name of Charles, the Duke of Orleans wrote the first Valentine after he was captured during a battle in 1415.’ There are many beliefs about the importance of Valentine’s Day…how the Romans celebrated a festival on February 15…An additional myth is “Valentine’s Day is based on a belief that birds pick their mates on February 14, especially love birds.”  http://www.sunniebunniezz.com/holiday/valenday.htm 

For me, Valentine’s Day grew to become a special day for love and appreciation after my husband had heart surgery in February, 1998. When the doctor met with me after my husband’s surgery, I jokingly shared that I was surprised he actually found a heart. “Sometimes he appears to be heartless,” I responded, thanking him for letting me know the prognosis.

My husband’s recovery was short. He simply refused to rest and follow the doctor’s orders. He quit smoking, but he’s gained a significant amount of weight, blaming it on not smoking anymore. The reality is ‘he lives to eat.’

Since 1998, there has been a new appreciation for us at Valentine’s Day. Today is no exception.

If you are reading this, why not take an extra moment in time to let your loved ones know that they are a part of your Valentine’s Day…no matter who they are…no matter where they live, or what they believe…take one moment in time to say, “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Yes, no doubt today you will see lots of red…lots of expensive roses and flowers, cupids, red hearts, candies, love birds, arrows, and all that apply to a Happy Valentine’s Day. Years before his surgery, my husband used excuses for Valentine’s Day. He was ‘too busy,,,he forgot…besides, Valentine’s Day is a day for lovers, not married people…’ and so on. Funny, in 1998, he began taking the time to get me a card for Valentine’s Day. A nice card…something he actually picked out himself. Perhaps he found a new heart  after his heart surgery!

Regardless who you are, please take a moment today on Valentine’s Day, to let those who are cherished by you, know how much they mean to you.

A simple “Happy Valentine’s Day” will do!

On Whitney Houston

February 11, 2013 was the first anniversary of the world’s loss of a dynamic singer/performer, Whitney Houston. The world still mourns her loss, along with her magnificent voice.

To her family and friends, I wish you peace. Yes, it was heartbreaking to watch her “Homecoming” ceremony. I was one of the many glued to the television and my heart broke when “I Will Always Love You,” was played as she was carried in her casket from the church, to her final resting place.

Words cannot describe how much we miss Whitney. The last of her years were not that good – drug addiction along with the loss of her voice. When she struggled to come back, I cheered her on and was mesmerized by her performance in “Sparkle.”

For me, as a dedicated fan, I cannot understand why so many of our performers grow so attached to the drugs that eventually kill them. Look at the loss of Elvis Presley in 1977 – a victim of prescribed drugs. Since 1977, there have been many losses of our idols. Such a shame.

For Whitney, I wish her well, hoping and praying that she is singing her heart out in Heaven. God had a purpose for her. Although we miss her, perhaps she continues to sing “I Will Always Love You,” for our loved ones in Heaven.

God bless you, Whitney. We “Will Always Love You!”

Top 10 Workout Songs – February 2013


The Top 10 Workout Songs For February

Fort Wayne, IN – February 1, 2013 – If you’re the sort of person who thinks a trip the gym should sound like a night at the club, this is the playlist for you. Ke$ha makes two appearances. Overseas icons Martin Solveig and Zedd contribute a pair of crossover hits. Lastly, Kelly Clarkson and Rihanna get remixed for the dance floor.
Here’s the full list, according to votes placed at Run Hundred–the web’s most popular workout music blog.

Zedd & Foxes – Clarity – 129 BPM
Ke$ha – C’mon – 125 BPM
Bridgit Mendler – Ready or Not – 94 BPM
Martin Solveig & Dev – We Came to Smash – In a Black Tuxedo – 132 BPM
Calvin Harris & Ellie Goulding – I Need Your Love – 128 BPM
Rihanna – Diamonds (Congorock Remix) – 126 BPM
Icona Pop & Charli XCX – I Love It (Cobra Starship Remix) – 130 BPM
Conor Maynard & Ne-Yo – Turn Around – 128 BPM
Kelly Clarkson – Catch My Breath (Cash Cash Remix) – 128 BPM
Ke$ha, Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa, Becky G – Die Young (Remix) – 128 BPM

To find more workout songs, folks can check out the free database at RunHundred.com. Visitors can browse the song selections there by genre, tempo, and era—to find the music that best fits with their particular workout routine.

Chris Lawhorn
Run Hundred
Email: Admin@RunHundred.com