Every year I watch the Oscars…at least, for a bit. I love to see the fashions, the glitz, glamour and bling, bling. Some of the gowns are magnificent. Others? Well, let’s just say, I enjoy fashion and glamour, and I certainly like to make that ‘grand entrance.’  Tonight, I shall watch, hoping The Oscars isContinue reading “WELCOME TO THE OSCARS”

Meeting Influential People Who Change Our Lives – A Toast

“People…People who need people are the luckiest people in the world…” and so goes the song recorded in September, 1964 by Barbra Streisand. That special song influenced me so much as I grew from childhood, recognizing that during my journey to adulthood I would meet  people…perhaps a person…one very special person… “With one person –Continue reading “Meeting Influential People Who Change Our Lives – A Toast”

Happy Valentine’s Day

Today, February 14, 2013 is Valentine’s Day. Reportedly, Valentine’s Day began when ‘a French man by the name of Charles, the Duke of Orleans wrote the first Valentine after he was captured during a battle in 1415.’ There are many beliefs about the importance of Valentine’s Day…how the Romans celebrated a festival on February 15…An additionalContinue reading “Happy Valentine’s Day”

On Whitney Houston

February 11, 2013 was the first anniversary of the world’s loss of a dynamic singer/performer, Whitney Houston. The world still mourns her loss, along with her magnificent voice. To her family and friends, I wish you peace. Yes, it was heartbreaking to watch her “Homecoming” ceremony. I was one of the many glued to theContinue reading “On Whitney Houston”

Top 10 Workout Songs – February 2013

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Top 10 Workout Songs For February Fort Wayne, IN – February 1, 2013 – If you’re the sort of person who thinks a trip the gym should sound like a night at the club, this is the playlist for you. Ke$ha makes two appearances. Overseas icons Martin Solveig and Zedd contributeContinue reading “Top 10 Workout Songs – February 2013”