Carolina Opry – Myrtle Beach, SC…A Must See and Do!!!

Going to Myrtle Beach this year??? If so, plan to attend the Carolina Opry for a grand show of talent galore! This is truly a must see and do while in Myrtle Beach! Don’t miss it!!! For Immediate Release (843) 913-1453 Media Contact: Jordan Watkins Director of Marketing 843-913-1453 LaToya London of American IdolContinue reading “Carolina Opry – Myrtle Beach, SC…A Must See and Do!!!”

My Weight Watchers Saga…

I remember the day I made a significant decision to change my life. Thursday, March 3, 2011. The morning began like most. Fresh coffee brewing…letting the dogs outside…checking e-mail…piddling around the house…I’m certain you probably get the picture…waking up sometimes is quite a chore! I turned the TV on, watching the Today Show. Listening toContinue reading “My Weight Watchers Saga…”

Welcome to Greenville and Euphoria!

From September 26-29, 2013 Greenville’s most celebrated chefs will intermix with the following guest chefs: Dale Talde – TALDE in Brooklyn, NY Jeff McGinnis – Yardbird in Miami James Boyce – Cotton Row in Huntsville, AL Anthony Lamas – Seviche in Louisville Ryan Smith – Empire State South in Atlanta Rob Newton – Seersucker inContinue reading “Welcome to Greenville and Euphoria!”

Class Reunions

CLASS REUNIONS – Budding from a Wallflower to a Rose Have you ever been to a class reunion and questioned why you bothered to come? Last month, my husband and I returned to my birth town, attending my class reunion. Previously, we’ve attended, only to watch class mates have a good time laughing, dancing, reminiscingContinue reading “Class Reunions”

Caregiving in America

PARENT TO PARENT…CARE GIVING IN AMERICA by Barbie Perkins-Cooper During the holidays of 1997, my life was extremely busy until a shocking reality forced me to readjust my schedule, to make time for a new, unsuspecting emergency when my father needed me the most, during his illness. I was stepping into a new chapter ofContinue reading “Caregiving in America”

Happy Mother’s Day

Today, I awaken to the sounds of motherhood. My children are in the bed with me, rolling over, wanting attention and a bit of motherly love. Hank groans. Sandy Bear jumps off the bed with a solid thump as his four legs hit the carpeting. Shakespeare lies next to me on his pillow, rolling over,Continue reading “Happy Mother’s Day”

Gardening Therapies

First North American Rights Only Total Word Count – 988 words       THERAPIES of GARDENING   by   Barbie Perkins-Cooper                   New to gardening, I never understood how therapeutic gardening could be until my father became ill. Years prior, I played at gardening, planting a rose bush here…a gardenia there…pullingContinue reading “Gardening Therapies”

The Top 10 Workout Songs For May

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Top 10 Workout Songs For May Fort Wayne, IN – May 1, 2013 – This month’s top 10 highlights the return of several workout favorites. Daft Punk released their new material since the Tron: Legacy soundtrack. The Jonas Brothers and Avril Lavigne offered previews from their upcoming albums. Lastly, Paramore—whose futureContinue reading “The Top 10 Workout Songs For May”