Losing, the Weight Watchers Way!

Dearest Readers: Today is always the day — for my ‘weigh in’ with Weight Watchers. How did it go? I suppose since I am totally exhausted from lack of sleep — again — awakening at 2:00am, turning the television on, thankful that I can now record “Designing Women” and the “Golden Girls,” I watch severalContinue reading “Losing, the Weight Watchers Way!”

So…You’ve Got an Opinion — Paula Deen

Dearest Readers: This has truly been a melancholic week for me, first with the loss of a classmate and friend, Becki Vinson Matthews. Circular thinking has danced inside of my head, remembering how happy, energetic and full of life Becki was at our class reunion in April. Gone too soon, much too soon. I confess,Continue reading “So…You’ve Got an Opinion — Paula Deen”

In Memory of a Friend…

Today is Monday, another beautiful day of life to enjoy and make the most of our day. After I awaken, let the pups out and pour a cup of coffee, I hop on the computer, to hear the latest news in the world, then I click on Facebook. Reading a few posts on Facebook, IContinue reading “In Memory of a Friend…”

All to the Credit of My Father

Not that we are grown, we all know how influential our parents are to our lives and success — the good and the bad! As a child, my father influenced my life. He was the first to criticize and punish me when I misbehaved — and there were many times I misbehaved. I was aContinue reading “All to the Credit of My Father”

On Father’s Day

Good morning, Readers: Another beautiful day filled with sunshine for Father’s Day 2013. This day is special to all who were close to dear ole Dad. As a child, I remember babysitting or cleaning, just to get a bit of money to buy my dad, and my papa, a Father’s Day gift. For both, IContinue reading “On Father’s Day”

Today is Weight Watchers Weigh-In Day…

Dearest Readers: Outside the windows by my desk, I see beautiful, welcoming, beaming sunshine, and bright blue clouds. My mimosa trees and oak trees are dancing with gentle strides as the mild wind brushes the branches. Another beautiful day, in beautiful Charleston, SC. Opening the back door to let my precious four-legged children inside, myContinue reading “Today is Weight Watchers Weigh-In Day…”

Losing Weight — the Weight Watchers Way

Dearest Readers: Yesterday, I wrote a bit of a monologue about my struggles with weight loss. Today is Thursday — my weekly ‘weigh in day’ at Weight Watchers. Arriving at the meeting, I shared the poem that I mentioned yesterday, “Don’t Quit”: “Success is failure turned inside out, The silver tint of the clouds ofContinue reading “Losing Weight — the Weight Watchers Way”

Workout Songs for June 2013

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Top 10 Workout Songs For June Fort Wayne, IN – June 1, 2013 – With summer approaching, the mood–both on the radio and in the gym–has changed. While winter brought with it an eclectic bunch of workout tracks, this new batch is all about fun. As evidence, consider David Guetta’s latestContinue reading “Workout Songs for June 2013”

Losing Weight — My Personal Journey With Weight Watchers

Dearest Readers: I would like to personally thank you for the comments you’ve shared with me about losing weight. The more comments I receive, the more I realize I do have a following now with my blog. I sincerely appreciate each and every one finding the courage to share their thoughts with me about ‘losingContinue reading “Losing Weight — My Personal Journey With Weight Watchers”

Meeting the Chefs…

As a writer, I targeted this story to many publications, only to discover the restaurant is no longer open for business. Hope you enjoy the read! MEET THE CHEFS – TRACY ADLER, OWNER – CAFÉ ON THE SQUARE Café on the Square, Asheville, NC Located at One Biltmore Avenue in downtown Asheville, Café on theContinue reading “Meeting the Chefs…”