Carnival Fantasy — Cruising Along On A Rocking Ship!

Hello Readers, and Carnival Fantasy: Yesterday, I reported briefly about the first bitterly cold day of our cruise. Although it was cold, Phil and I could not check into our room for a bit, so we dragged laptops, cameras and other items around with us. We chose to eat at the Mongolian Wok and OffContinue reading “Carnival Fantasy — Cruising Along On A Rocking Ship!”

Cruising On The Carnival Fantasy…

Dearest Readers, and Carnival Fantasy: Yes, it is true. During January 8 – January 13, 2015, my husband and I cruised from Charleston, SC to Freeport and Nassau, Bahamas on a bitterly cold day in Charleston. Just picture it, if you will. Packing for the cruise, I listened to the weather forecast in Charleston andContinue reading “Cruising On The Carnival Fantasy…”

Moving On — With Weight Watchers…

Dearest Readers: I apologize for not posting much this month. Let’s just say, it’s been a most unusual month for me, starting with getting so frustrated with weight loss, the holidays and my lack of interest in losing weight, combined with a cruise we took on the Carnival Fantasy. I promised myself I would beContinue reading “Moving On — With Weight Watchers…”

The Top 10 Workout Songs for January 2015

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Top 10 Workout Songs for January 2015 Fort Wayne, IN – January 4, 2014 – The highlight of this month’s workout music round-up is the balance it strikes between perennial favorites and relative newcomers. By veering between the two, the mix manages to send both familiar and fresh at the sameContinue reading “The Top 10 Workout Songs for January 2015”

Happy New Year…2015

Hello Readers and Happy New Year: Just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a fresh and Happy New Year, 2015. Today, all of us step into a new journey in our lives…a new year. What will happen to our world in 2015? What will we accomplish? No one has a magical looking-glass toContinue reading “Happy New Year…2015”