Living A Normal Day Before Halloween

Dearest Readers: Now that I can find a bit of humor and laugh again, I have an important message to share. Sunday, October 22, 2017 started with my husband sleeping in again — like he does on the weekends. I checked on him, just to make certain he was A-OK, just like I do everyContinue reading “Living A Normal Day Before Halloween”


Dearest Readers: In the news, we continue hearing about the #MeToo epidemic. Many actresses and celebrities are finally coming forward about sexual molestation…sexual harassment…rape…and so on. Many are asking why it has taken them so long to come forward. My response – “You’ve never been a victim. Have you?” If you read the last postContinue reading “#MeToo”

Sexual Assault/Molestation – My Story #MeToo

Dearest Readers: Today I am writing about a topic close to my heart. A secret. Well, not after today’s post. Listening to many current events, I am finding the courage to come forward about a subject, once closed. Another of those topics considered “a family matter.” Maybe I am finally finding the courage to shareContinue reading “Sexual Assault/Molestation – My Story #MeToo”