Just What Does Triple Mean To A Walmart Sales Associate?

Dearest Readers: Interesting thing happened yesterday at Wal Mart. The sales associate working the register was slower than a snail. It took her the bulk of five minutes (at least) just to change the register tape. After we stood in the line for a LONG…LONG time, she began to ring up our purchases. I, veryContinue reading “Just What Does Triple Mean To A Walmart Sales Associate?”

Charleston, SC Crippled Due to Snow Storm – January, 2018

Dearest Readers: In a world of updated, upgraded technology I find it a bit funny that the City of Charleston is virtually CRIPPLED due to the snow storm. Our roads are still slippery with black ice. I understand that because a snow storm in Charleston is not normal; nevertheless, I cannot get a newspaper (akaContinue reading “Charleston, SC Crippled Due to Snow Storm – January, 2018”

Happy New Year, 2018

Dearest Readers: Happy New Year. May your new year, 2018 bring you happiness, love, bonding with family and friends, good health, prosperity and success. New Year’s Day is a day to reflect over the last year. A day to change what could not be changed in 2017. A  day to give thanks to God forContinue reading “Happy New Year, 2018”