A writer’s life is a life filled with intrigue, creativity, influence, and curiosity. Writers are famous for being temperamental and are typecast as being extremely difficult to live with, especially when the virus of writer’s block threatens the train of thought. Some writers are college graduates; some are simply graduates of the hard roadsContinue reading “THE ROLE OF A WRITER”

Detecting Esophageal Cancer

Dearest Readers: The diagnosis rings in your ears. Esophageal cancer. A thousand thoughts and questions race inside your mind and you find it difficult to cope, think or relax. You want a second opinion. You want to live and you want things to be the way they were, before your quality of life was questionableContinue reading “Detecting Esophageal Cancer”


Described as “one of the top 50 places to live and play,” according to National Geographic Traveler, Mobile, Alabama is a city filled with hospitality and rich Southern charm. Known for the first Mardi Gras celebration back in 1703, and promoted as “America’s Family Mardi Gras,” Mobile is a special city where the entire communityContinue reading “MOBILE, ALABAMA CITY BY THE BAY WHERE THE MARDI GRAS BEGAN”

Corpus Christi, Texas A Beautiful, Affordable Nature City by the Bay Where Wildlife Watching Never Ends

  Dearest Readers: Stories about travel, amazing cities to visit and to admire. Enjoy! Recognized as the ‘Birdiest City in America,’ Corpus Christi’s personality is one to behold. Corpus Christi is not just a place where birds flock; it is a beautiful, and affordable coastal city and one of the nation’s biggest shipping ports. TheContinue reading “Corpus Christi, Texas A Beautiful, Affordable Nature City by the Bay Where Wildlife Watching Never Ends”

Charleston, West Virginia – Take Me Home Country Roads

Dearest Readers: Below is an article I wrote years ago about Charleston, WV. Enjoy! Charleston, West Virginia is an exceptional, first-class meeting facility filled with beautiful scenery, history, and southern charm, befitting the comforts and traditions of most sophisticated cities in West Virginia. “While we do not have the lights of Las Vegas, or theContinue reading “Charleston, West Virginia – Take Me Home Country Roads”