Hurricane Florence – Finally It Rains

Dearest Readers: I suppose I should report, it looks like Hurricane Florence finally visited Charleston. We’re getting rain now. Looks like it has been a nice soaker – just like a normal rainy day. The winds are dancing on the tree branches just like a normal day when we have rain. I haven’t been outsideContinue reading “Hurricane Florence – Finally It Rains”

Hurricane Florence – Awaiting, Day Five

Dearest Readers:   Image of Angel Oaks tree, over 400+ years old. Surviving many hurricanes. Today is Day Five of anticipating Hurricane Florence. Now, she’s downgraded to a Category One storm. While looking out my window moments ago, I saw gusty winds. The trees were not dancing an elegant ballet, just an unchoreographed, erratic danceContinue reading “Hurricane Florence – Awaiting, Day Five”