Hurricane Dorian — After Thoughts

Dearest Readers: Today is Saturday, September 7, 2019. Looking out the windows, I see beautiful sunshine, just like yesterday morning. Finally, we have power. It is so nice to awaken, even though I really haven’t slept, to the coolness of air conditioning. The humming of ceiling fans. The comfort of my pups, happy again nowContinue reading “Hurricane Dorian — After Thoughts”

More Rain – Hurricane Dorian – Day Three

Dearest Readers: Just another quick update. Yesterday, while we were doing a few errands. I noticed the amount of cars on the roads. I really believe most of our community is staying home. Lots of traffic, although it moved well. Today, we are in anticipation of greeting Hurricane Dorian. Earlier, we had torrential rains andContinue reading “More Rain – Hurricane Dorian – Day Three”

Hurricane Dorian – Day Two

Dearest Readers: Today is Day Two of Hurricane Dorian anticipation. Are we ready? Of course! We’ve been on this roller coaster before, and I confess, I do not care for roller coasters! During Hurricane Hugo, I stayed with 60 students at the college where I was employed. Yes. 60 students! Most of them I knew.Continue reading “Hurricane Dorian – Day Two”