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Dearest Readers:

Finally! Proud to share, today I walked on the pier. The first time I’ve accomplished this in 19 days. At first, after a cup of coffee I told myself I was too tired to walk. Didn’t sleep well – AGAIN! Nope, I’m not walking today.

Then – GOD spoke to me – encouraging me, telling me I must go back to the pier and walk. After all, it is one of my happy places.

As I walked, I stopped to inhale the sea breezes. Only a brief breeze today, but it kept the glitter on my face. See, I don’t sweat. Steel magnolias do not sweat. We GLITTER!

I saw cargo ships gliding towards the Wando terminal. I watched birds, including my most favorite bird – the Pelican gliding over the waters. I love to watch them as they fly, then ever so gracefully, glide across the waters. Heavenly. The view. The smells. (with exception of cigarettes). The sounds. People fishing, occasionally catching crabs and on one occasion I saw a fisherman catch flounders and shrimp. Two of my favorite dishes!

Today, I stopped just before leaving to go home. I said a prayer, following the advice of my dear grandmother, I lifted my head high and said to God: Hey, God. I know you’re here and I know you can hear me, so today, I’m speaking softly to you about the prayers I’ve been praying about so much lately.

Of course, I shall keep the rest of my prayer to myself, since I never want others to hear my prayers — only God.

After leaving the pier, I feel refreshed. It was so wonderful to go back to my favorite place in Charleston, actually Mount Pleasant, to exercise, reflect and to feel as if I’m walking into the arms of God.

How about you, readers? Do you talk to God? Do you listen to Him when He speaks to you?

I hope so. Have a wonderful day while enjoying the beauty of this magnificent world we live in.

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