Corona Virus vs. Cabin Fever

Dearest Readers:

Like you I have cabin fever. Sitting at home, unable to see friends, have luncheons, and just fun ‘girlfriend time,’ leaves me depressed and about ready to scream. However, after our move to the country, I don’t think anyone would hear a scream. I’m not missing suburbia at all. When I feel at my breaking point, I go outside and sit on a bench by the pond.

After we moved, I didn’t know we had turtles. Now, I do. So far, I’ve counted at least ten turtles. On sunny days, I see them sunbathing. Other times, I watch their little heads pop up and down in the water. Much to my surprise, I’ve discovered they like when I sing to them. I’ve named one Myrtle the Turtle and when I sing “Myrtle the turtle – where are you,” I am able to see them swimming towards me. This give me such pleasure at a time in our lives when Corona Virus is captivating the world.

The turtles are trusting me and they enjoy hearing me song. Yes. People, for those of you who’ve never heard me singing, I’ve been told I have a great voice. I think the turtles agree!

Since I live in the Charleston, SC community where travel tourism and hospitality are truly suffering after the stay-at-home order and before, my heart breaks to learn how our economy is suffering. According to the Post and Courier newspaper this morning, tourism is about a $24 billion industry for the State, including Charleston.

Funny, I haven’t heard about traffic congestion lately although when Phil and I go to the grocery store, we still have lots of traffic on the roads. For those who are wondering IF Charleston is allowing tourism now, I would say, you will be restricted. All parks are closed. Hotels and restaurants closed. Some hotels are open, and if you want to come to Charleston to enjoy our amazing culinary cuisine and hotels, or to party — well, you might consider visiting at another time. Take out orders only! No dining inside and forget meeting others. The City is closed!

Downtown is not permitting the carriage tours. I haven’t driven downtown to see exactly what is going on. Some people compare this to a hurricane. I disagree. With hurricanes, Charleston becomes a ghost town. The city goes dark. No traffic, especially if we are told we must leave. After Hurricane Floyd, I promised myself I would never fight the traffic again just to get out of Charleston! So, I say, there is no comparison for hurricanes and Corona Virus.

Yesterday, my husband and I were snapping at each other. I told him I need space! Later, we had a small discussion, agreeing that we are on each other’s nerves. I had another talk with God, apologizing and telling Him I would stop. Breathe. Inhale. Breathe again, and thank God for our health.

I think I’m hearing another press conference from our President, Donald Trump now, so perhaps I will close this free writing episode and listen to the latest. It is so depressing!

Please pray for us, our Nation and the World. We need this Corona Virus to fade away. Never to return. I pray for all who are sick around the world. I am considered a high-risk due to asthma, so I cope by staying inside. Washing my hands repeatedly and when I go to the grocery store, I pray I find Lysol, hand sanitizers and other necessary products. I haven’t found any of them. I’m careful using my last bottle of Lysol. I’ll be so happy when this crisis is over. Easter is just around the corner. We need miracles, please dear God. Give the world a miracle!

Cypress Gardens. A beautiful location to photograph and to have family fun, except when Corona Virus is sickening the entire world.

Our First Wildlife Loss On Golden Serenity Oasis Pond

Dearest Readers:

Earlier, I walked down my long winding road to the mailbox. As I walk, I always stroll a bit by the pond, then take my time headed to the mailbox. I saw something in the pond. Something I’ve never seen before. Its head looked the shape of an alligator. I threw a stick, to see if it would move to realize that if it was a gator, he might chase me and I can’t run now. Not with the back fracture! The “gator” didn’t come after me! After collecting the mail, I returned to the animal in my pond. Phil was taking a nap, so I waited until he woke up, telling him I think we might have an alligator in the pond.

We walked towards the pond. Phil, as always, directing me not to get too close. I laughed. “Heck, you’re late. I threw a stick by it when walking.”

He grabbed a stick and tapped the “gator.” It didn’t move, so he chose to move it.
No. It wasn’t an alligator. We’ve had our first wildlife loss. At first, we thought it was a cat. Of course, the soft-hearted Barbie found tears slipping down her face. “We must bury it and have a service for it.”

We found a spot underneath a tree. Phil gathered the “gator/cat” and we buried it recognizing it was not a cat, but a raccoon. A male raccoon. You don’t want to know how I know it was a male. Ladies, just use your imagination! Maybe I was a bit too curious!

At least he will rest underneath a tree. I suspect he drowned in the pond. So sad.
Rest in peace, little Racy Raccoon.

Coronavirus Updates

Dearest Readers:

Do you find yourself constantly watching social media for the latest information regarding the Coronavirus?

If so, maybe you should train your brain to think of something else. Although I am a participant on social media (Facebook) I do not participate on Twitter or other devices. Understand, I am not criticizing any of these sites; nevertheless, I have spoken to acquaintances who were convinced, and I quote: “I read it on Facebook, so it’s got to be true.”

Wrong answer!

Do yourselves a favor. Focus your attention on the best sites regarding Coronavirus. For example, the CDC, Center for Disease Control at


WHO, the World Health Organization —

Other sites I am familiar with and research their links are:

Mayo Clinic —

WebMD —

President Trump is conducting daily press conferences regarding the Coronavirus. Perhaps you should listen to his information too.

Nevertheless, we all should stay informed – not freaking out to the point we rush to the grocery store, WalMart, Target, or other retail stores – just to stockpile toilet tissue, paper towels, tissues, handwipes, antiseptic wipes — and on and on.

I understand some people may have several people (or families) living within their home, and some might be older or fragile. They could use these items. Some of us, including our family, do not need to stockpile. The only item we are missing within this household is antiseptic wipes. I confess, Saturday night at WalMart, antiseptic handwipes were out of stock, so I marched over to the baby aisles. There, I found Huggies handwipes. I bought one for each of our three bathrooms, leaving the remainder for other people to purchase. None of us had babies. Yes, I asked, please, if any of you have little infants, you need these handwipes more than we do.

“No, we decided to follow you over and get whatever we could find. No babies within our homes.”

These are frightening times, and the news media is really jumping on the bandwagon, after all, they believe “If it bleeds, it leads!”

I want to stay abreast of the latest facts and information due to the fact that Coronavirus appears to be a virus that includes the respiratory system. I have asthma. A couple of weeks ago, I stayed inside my home due to a slight wheezing. I used my nebulizer. Now, I’m fine. I did not have a temp, nor did I feel ill, I simply did not want to share my coughing germs with others. I try to be considerate!

As a writer, I prefer to check my research, resources, and confirm all of the information before I publish. I’m definitely NOT a fake journalist or media!

Please, during this Coronavirus epidemic, if you are sick, stay at home. If you have fever, you might consider contacting your doctor. If you have a cough or sneeze, PLEASE cover your mouth, nose, etc. and stay home. Yes, germs are everywhere, so we must be proactive!

Maybe we should all visit an online bookstore, or watch TV, after all, DirecTV has movies available 24/7. Entertain yourselves and your family by remaining isolated if you are sick. Meanwhile, enjoy your life. Get to know your family members and let us all remain healthy!


Wash your hands frequently!

If coughing – cough into your elbow. If you sneeze, use a tissue. Discard!

If you have a temp – stay home and call your doctor.

May we all remain healthy. We have the methods to practice to keep us healthy. God bless us, Everyone!

On Golden Pond – My Golden Pond! Have You Missed Me?

Dearest Readers:

Yes. I understand. I’ve been silent for much too long. When I started my blog, I posted regularly. Thrilled to finally be writing again

Unfortunately, since at least 2015 my life has been unpredictable, stressed, and I lost my confidence in my abilities as a writer. Every time I attempted to write, life would interrupt me. Again. And again…!

Now, my goal for 2020 is to keep this blog busy. Last year, I had the same goal, but life knocked on my door endlessly. In late August, Phil and I decided to possibly place our home in Mount Pleasant on the market. After all, many in our neighborhood were doing it. They said the time is right. The market. You should consider doing the same.

My home is old. Built in 1954. We’ve done many renovations to it, but the bathrooms are still too small. We don’t have the popular “open concept” and I don’t want strangers coming into my home touring.

Long story short – we met a realtor who became a great friend we could trust. We staged what we could. Packed items – actually, pre-packing to move and started looking for a home. In the country. Away from the suburbs. Away from noise. Away from neighbors and congested traffic!

We found one such home in Hollywood, SC. Unfortunately, it sold before we could complete pre-packing. Our realtor assured us we would find another home. “A better home to meet your needs. I believe in making clients dreams come true.”

I suppose you could say I didn’t believe him. Immediately I responded — “I told you. No B-S with me!” I felt like Scrooge!

Five days passed. I searched on and I found an interesting property. Complete with five acres and a pond. A nice yellow farm house. I clicked on to the site, only to have my computer bomb. I was so disappointed. Rebooting the computer, I researched and again only to realize I could not locate them. Later in the day, I received an email from another realtor. Deciding to click on the link of current homes for sale, I found the yellow house.

The doorbell rang. Our realtor was here to discuss more homes and opportunities. I rushed him over to see the yellow house.

He knew about the house but thought it was out of our price range.

“We’ve got an approved loan for the full amount,” I said. “Of course it’s contingent upon selling this house, so you’ve got homework to do!”

On Wednesday of that week we drove to see our yellow farm house. I remember as a child I said I would one day have a home on waterfront property! This beautiful home was that opportunity of a lifetime. Never did I believe my dream would come true. Why? Life! Disappointments and lack of confidence!

Now, readers, perhaps you can understand what has been happening within our former home and our new home. Now, we have waterfront property. A pond filled with big fish, including catfish, bream and big mouth bass. Yesterday I counted 10 large turtles in the pond too. Some were sun bathing. Others were swimming in my direction, only to bop their little heads under water!

Finally, one of my dreams has come true! Now, I must pursue another dream – the completion of CHATTAHOOCHEE CHILD!

Will I complete that story? You betcha! And now, I’m off to feed my fish and watch them jump in the water to eat their dinner while Phil and I eat my famous homemade chili.

Introducing – My Golden Pond. Yes, Virginia, some dreams do come true!

Beating Percussion Sounds With My Hands

Dearest Readers:

Yes, I know. I haven’t written or posted anything in months. I plan to share that story later — perhaps titled ‘MOVING — A COMEDY OF ERRORS!’

I promise. That story will be shared; however, today, I have a strange piece of humor to share. You might laugh until you ache!

Last night – in the early morning hours just before dawn, I awaken hearing a boom, crashing sound by the new house. I sit up curious as to what was going on outside.

I rush to the ladies room, deciding to go outside to see what happened. Still half asleep, I open the back door. I do not check to see if it is still locked. After all, I left the door open! Gusting winds are creating a graceful ballet of swaying trees dancing all around me. Tall pine trees. Oaks. Magnolias. Sycamore. All are dancing such a beautiful ballet.

From the porch I admire this beautiful dance of nature. Suddenly, I hear SLAM! The back door closed. Uh. Oh!

I’m locked out of my house and it is still dark outside. What? Do? I? Do?

I jiggle the door handle. LOCKED!

Deciding to knock on the door, I realize Phil is sound asleep. He will not awaken.

I make fists of my hands, knocking on the door. Of course, no one responds, and so I decide to knock with a rhythmic method of percussion.

Bang Bang. Knock Knock. Bang de Bang. Bang de Bang.Bang de Bang. Bang de Bang.

Stopping because my fingers ache, I glance outside. The motion lights are on and it is still so dark. What do I do now?

Of course, my cell phone is inside the house, charging. I continue banging.

The only thing I know to do now, is either continue banging, hoping Phil just might hear something, or I can go outside into the gusting winds and rain and get on the front porch and ring the doorbell. HUMPH! I doubt he’ll hear the doorbell, so I continue my rhythmic drumming until my fingers are throbbing.

Stepping onto the porch steps, I shake my hands so they’ll stop hurting from the drumming.

Something tells me not to step into the dark of night. Again, I drum the sound of percussion from my fingertips and hands.

Maybe I should pray!

I flex my fingertips. Dear God, please let Phil hear me. Maybe he’ll come check on me to see if I’m ok. He knows I sleep on the sofa now since I can’t get comfortable in bed due to this aching back. My back brace is inside. My back will start hurting if I continue standing here. Please, dear God, let him hear me.

I’m still standing on the porch, dressed in leggings and shorty PJ’s and socks. If I step outside to walk around to the front of the house I’ll be soaked. Just what do I do now? My back hurts.

Please dear God, awaken Phil.

As I turn away to step outside, I drum on the glass once more. The hall light comes on! God is helping me!

I see Phil standing by the sofa. I knock on the glass again, beating a rhythm of HELP! help. HELP!

Phil opens the back door. I practically jump into his arms. Thank you! Thank you. You heard me!

He yawns. “What are you doing out here?”

I heard a noise so I wanted to check. The gusting winds shut the back door, locking me out.

I walked to the sofa, rubbing my aching back. Phil tucks me in. It is 5:15 am. Still so dark!

Phil decides since he is awake, he might as well go to work, provided I’m OK. He touches me. I moan, anxious to fall back to sleep.

I kissed him, touching his face. Thank you for rescuing me, again!


Dearest Readers:

Today is Veterans Day in the USA. A day to give thanks to those who served. Those who gave all. And those who served, fought and came home to America.

My husband is a Veteran of the Vietnam conflict. Notice, I said Conflict, not war. Durng that time, the legislators referred Vietnam as a conflict, not a war. Yes, a play on words. Believe me, Vietnam was a war.

I refuse to get political about a play on words because Vietnam taught America a lot about what a war is and how our Veterans should be respected.

A few weeks ago, I answered the phone, only to discover another robocall; however, this time, it was a robocall about the benefits of veterans. I almost hung up. Much to my surprise, the voice on the end spoke to me, thanking me for my sacrifice as the Wife of a Veteran.

I was shocked. No one has ever said thank you to me for my sacrifice and many times when we get those types of calls, the party on the other line only wants to speak to the Veteran.

So for today, I would like to say thank you to all Veterans, but most especially, to the Veterans of Vietnam. I am so blessed and proud to know many of these Veterans.

May your day as a Veteran be blessed. May your family share their pride and love for all of you. Happy Veterans Day!

Customer Service SUCKS at JC Penney’s Hair Salon

From a Facebook of yesterday. You’ve asked: “What’s on my mind???” Here goes: Earlier this week, I made an appointment at JC Penney Hair Salon to have my hair trimmed and shaped at 2pm today, Saturday, November 2, 2019. Fighting traffic on I-26, traffic headed west came to a stop. I fought it all the way to Northwoods Mall. Still don’t know why a police officer with blue lights flashing stopped the traffic. Finally arriving at Penney’s I tell the receptionists (seems there were three on duty at the front desk) I had an appointment with Patty. They gave me a perplexing look. “Patty isn’t here today.”

Years ago – when customer service was good – I would get the decency of a phone call. NOT TODAY!

“Then why couldn’t ONE OF YOU have the decency to call her customers to let them know???”

No one answered me. Their body language said it all!

Think I’m done with getting haircuts at J C Penney Hair Salon. Never will I be treated like that again.

Now, to find a stylist who listens and will only TRIM AND SHAPE my hair along with someone who believes in customer service. Understand. I’m not holding the blame on Patty. The receptionist is to blame. On the phone, when I made the appointment, something told me she lacked customer service skills! Was I EVER RIGHT! I suppose I should mention, I’ve been a customer at that hair salon for over 20 years — BUT — NO MORE!

Oh well. Goodbye, JC Penney Hair Salon!

So much for customer service!