Happy Independence Day!

Dearest Readers: This will be a short post. Since it is July the Fourth in the USA, I wanted to wish all Americans a Happy Fourth of July, Independence Day, 2019. Please celebrate our freedom in America and give thanks to our soldiers who are still fighting for freedom in harm’s way. Please, if youContinue reading “Happy Independence Day!”

Happy Father’s Day, 2019

Dearest Readers: Today, Sunday, June 16, 2019, is Father’s Day. I will celebrate this glorious day with my husband, while spoiling him just a bit more. Unfortunately, I lost my father, Walter W. Perkins, on Tuesday, July 6, 1999. Father’s Day hasn’t been the same without him. Today is a day to show your love,Continue reading “Happy Father’s Day, 2019”

Weight Watchers…Or Is It “WW?”

Dearest Readers: I suppose most of you are aware Weight Watchers is now called ‘W-W!” A new branding for a wonderful organization. Still, I refer to it as Weight Watchers, and “WW” since my friends and I have referred the lifestyle organization as WW since we joined. I confess, I believe I joined in 2011.Continue reading “Weight Watchers…Or Is It “WW?””

Golf Cart Safety

Dearest Readers: Today is June 1, 2019. I admit it, I’ve been negligent about writing on a regular basis in my blog. Recently, actually, if I’m correct, I’ve been negligent since I upgraded to a better service with Word Press. So, now that it is officially summertime, the time of year where we start toContinue reading “Golf Cart Safety”

Beaumont, Texas – A Great Lone Star City with a Little Something Extra

HIT THE ROAD Beaumont Here in Southeast Texas, Cajun meets country, and celebrities abound BY BARBIE PERKINS-COOPER AUGUST 2009 Enlarge Beaumont likes to describe itself as “Texas with a little something extra.” West of the Louisiana border, Beaumont has absorbed zydeco music, with its unique washboard and accordion flourishes, and Cajun food. But just off InterstateContinue reading “Beaumont, Texas – A Great Lone Star City with a Little Something Extra”

This is a Test – Writing for 10 Minutes

Writing for 10 Minutes Daily – beginning this journey March 23, 2019 Today, I give thanks for life, for a husband who loves me and for my family of friends, along with a sister who loves me, regardless of the situations of life. I share this because for several years, we were estranged. All toContinue reading “This is a Test – Writing for 10 Minutes”