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Dearest Readers:

Today, my heart is broken. Exactly two years ago today, we lost precious, little grumpy “Mr. Hanks the Tank.” After crying a bit from his loss, I walked outside to have a chat with God. Walking near the pond, I see something floating in the pond. Phil manages to remove the item, placing it gently on the ground. Walking closer, I notice it is a yearling deer. His or her little life was taken away when someone shot the yearling on the side. Phil said it looks like a rifle shot. He should know! I suppose it must’ve rushed away quickly to get away from the shooter, landing in our pond.

Why would someone shoot a young deer? Signs are posted on our property. WE DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE TO HUNT ON OUR PROPERTY! This beautiful deceased animal was taken away much too soon! Why did it have to happen in my pond?

In case you are curious, I will not post a picture. I’m too upset and now, I’m crying again. Some inconsiderate hunter shot the deer and I’m curious. Was this one of the deer I speak to every afternoon when they prance into our meadow to eat? While it is true that I’d love to get closer to the deer while they eat, I respect that they are wildlife. Yes, we do have a deer feeder. We enjoy watching them eating while we sit on the front porch. When we moved here last December, the deer were skittish. If they saw us on the front porch, they rushed away. During springtime, they eased up cautiously to the deer feeder while looking up to see if we were approaching. Once, one of them pranced away with its white tail in the air. This is a danger sign to the other deer. Quickly, they followed the leader. White tails standing up high as they ran away.

Our front meadow is a great distance from where the deer eat. We’ve never approached them and we will not consider ‘taming’ them. They are wild, even when they seem so mellow to us. We respect that, and we certainly are not feeding them for hunting season. One of the deer I’ve named “Big Ears.” She has the largest ears I’ve ever seen for a deer. Now, when I say “Hello Big Ears,” she lifts her head and looks at me! Regarding this precious, deceased yearling breaks my heart, imagining was he or she frightened after being shot, hoping to find safety so someone could save the precious yearling? There is a hole in its right side. I imagine it fell into the pond due to the wound and the intense pain it was suffering. How can someone shoot and kill wildlife?

I do not understand. While it is true some people complain about deer in their yards because they love to eat plants and flowers, I’ve never seen them close to the house or nibbling on rose bushes, azaleas and other flowers so for me, I so enjoy watching them. Now, we’ve lost one. Earlier this year, we had at least four fawns. They are so cute when they frolic around, prancing and dancing a deer ballet.

This is the second wildlife we’ve found deceased on our property. The first was an emaciated raccoon we found and buried. Now, we must bury a precious deer. Maybe this country life isn’t relaxing anymore. I suppose I ache from the loss simply due to the fact we moved here to enjoy the wildlife. Not to bury it!

On a good note, today while walking to the highway to get the mail, my back did not hurt at all. I didn’t need to stop and rest. It’s taken at least nine months to feel better and not have such crippling pain. Last night, I was able to cook dinner without having to sit down. My goal was to be able to cook a Thanksgiving Dinner this year. Looks like I just might be able to cook my infamous turkey, dressing and all the other delicious sides I do. All from scratch! I do not believe in processed foods.

Today is such a sad day. Missing Mr. Hanks, and now, we have to bury a precious deer. Sometimes life just isn’t fair! I suppose I must be thankful my back is getting better. I’m able to walk and to wear heels and boots again, but only with a three or three-and-a-half inch heel! Looks like Goodwill will really be able to have some brand new stiletto pumps I plan to give them. I’m hopeful someone will enjoy them!

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