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Dearest Readers:

Today, I awoke to glance outside to see IF our geese have returned. We haven’t seen them on our property this week in the country. Now I am suspicious. These two geese we named Romeo and Juliet were always here, so close together they were almost attached. Sort of like my hubby, Phil, would like us to be — attached. No thank you, I’ve always said. Don’t smother me. Give me my space.

Romeo and Juliet would arrive early morning, landing quietly in the pond to swim. Then, they would walk along the meadows and eat corn from the deer feeder. I watched Romeo stretch his neck on the feeder, spinning out some corn. Then, sweet little Juliet would join him and side-by-side, they would have breakfast together. During the afternoon, they would do the same.

Now since the murders of 70 geese in the West Ashley Village Green neighborhood, I suspect those two precious geese, Romeo and Juliet, could’ve been at that site. If so, no doubt, they were murdered. Grown geese and ducklings too. Why?

Village Green is a neighborhood I would never consider living in. Why? Simple. They don’t like wildlife. Over 70 geese would swim and rest along the pond. Residents looked for them when they walked around the neighborhood. Now? The geese are gone. The HOA said the geese were a nuisance. That’s just another reason why I don’t believe in the power of HOA’s.

Nuisance? Oh. Please! Fireworks are a nuisance. Speeding cars driving dangerously in a neighborhood where children ride their bikes and play in the roads are a nuisance. And, let’s not forget those nosey neighbors who gossip and get drunk while standing in the roads too! Nuisance???

I admit it. I miss the geese. I was hopeful soon we would see some geese ducklings. Now, I doubt it. We do have ducklings I believe they are mallard ducklings. I’ve counted at least 18 ducks yesterday. They are so comical. When I go outside, they rush away, rushing into a parade of swimming ducklings getting out of my way. They shouldn’t worry at all. I would never harm them. I love watching them swimming around the pond. My Serenity Oasis pond is a blessing for nature, especially the ducklings.

I still look outside, hopeful to see Romeo and Juliet. Reportedly, the geese at Village Green were captured in the night and euthanized, then they were given to a food bank. I suppose I’ll keep my opinion about those dinners to myself!

After I heard about the euthanizing of 70 geese I was furious so I reported the situation to PETA. Will they read my email? Will they respond?

I suppose you, the reader, should read the story about the geese. When Romeo and Juliet resided along our pond, they were welcomed and I believe they felt welcome. Whenever I walked or drove by them, I would say Hello, Romeo and Juliet, enjoy your day.

Now, I can’t do that. I’m angry and ever so sad. Perhaps I’ll walk around the pond area to see if I can find a goose feather. Whatever happened to Romeo and Juliet, and the 70 geese, was wrong. Life is to be cherished, not taken away like a cult group would do. I miss Romeo and Juliet!

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