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Dearest Readers:

It seems that every time I make time to get some sunshine in my swimsuit, the sun runs away from me! I am not kidding!

Like today, my hubby and I were in the family room debating on what we wanted to do today. He wanted to work in the yard, finishing the garden area, so outside he goes. I tell him that lately, every time I want to get some sun, when I go out, the sun fades away — rather quickly, shall I say!


There I was wearing a swimsuit I detest to get a bit of sun. I set the timer on my iPhone for 30 minutes, resting on my stomach. Playing a game on the phone, I looked up. Just where is the sun??? Oops…I did it again! I scared the sun away!

I admit it, the swimsuit I’m wearing I’ve never worn in public at the beach. Heck. I haven’t been to the beach since 2016? Am I scared of the beach? It’s simple. There isn’t a place to park on the beach at Sullivan’s Island anymore, and to park at Isle of Palms it costs me $15.00! Outrageous!

So, I stay away while now I can enjoy the sunshine by the pond on my property; nevertheless, every time I’ve attempted – the sun disappears!

Earlier I felt raindrops while getting a bit of sun. Then thunder. For those who do not know me, I have a horrible fear of lightning, and where there is thunder – there is lightning!

So now I sit in my chair writing this silly blog post while sharing how fearful I am.

If you’re looking for the sunshine today, just drive on over to Sullivan’s Island or Isle of Palms! Maybe the sun is over there. Just got an alert on my phone from MyRadar. Lightning is detected on my last known location. So, I suppose I’ll just call it a day for my tan. Maybe I’ll just take a nice bubble bath!

Still, I hear thunder, while the ‘thunder rolls, and the lightning flashes…’

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