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Dearest Readers:

This will be a short post, due to getting the house ready, in the event the hurricane strengthens. So many people freak out when a hurricane targets their area. As for me, I survived Hurricane Hugo. Hurricanes are lots of rain, wind and destruction. I’m certain I can survive this one. My fear is worrying about the wildlife that come to eat dinner in our pasture. Will they be AOK?

At the moment, we have 12 geese in the front yard. TWELVE! The most we’ve had before was nine. Then seven. A few days ago, only six. Today, I suppose they shared hey, follow us. We know where there is food and we are always welcomed.

Silly geese. Yes, their feathers are always left behind, and they can make a mess. I feel God provided us this new home in the country with five acres of land, including a large pond, for a reason. Maybe it’s to help the wildlife. All of the geese. WE had baby raccoons, although I haven’t seen them in over three weeks. Every afternoon, we see the deer. Fawns. So far, we’ve counted four fawns! We must not forget the fish in our pond. Catfish. BIG catfish! Brem. Baby fish. Bass. And of course, those precious turtles. We have several baby turtles too. They are so funny. They will not come near me until they hear me singing. All of the wildlife on our property LOVE to hear me sing! Isn’t that funny!

Did I mention I found a baby frog in the trash can inside earlier. When I tried to catch him, he jumped away. Now, he’s inside. Just where inside is the question? A baby frog inside my home? What’s next? Deer or fawns ringing the doorbell?

That philosophy definitely proves to me that animals, including wildlife, love doorbells and music. Years ago, when my precious Sir Shakespeare Hemingway (my beautiful schnauzer) was alive, he loved to hear me sing! Every time I rehearsed a song, he would sit nearby and look up to me — to watch and hear me singing. When I stopped singing, he tapped my leg with his paw, as if to say don’t stop. I love to hear you sing! How I loved when he watched me. I certainly miss him.

Now, with Corona virus, Covid-19, I no longer sing. There are bars that provide live music and karaoke, however, I am not willing to use anyone else’s microphone. Now, I sing at home, or in the car. Still, I’ve quarantined myself.

I suppose I should end this post for today to see what is the latest with Hurricane Isaias.

Here’s the latest.

We are definitely staying. Perhaps I’ll cook crab legs for dinner. Yummm. Can’t wait for them! And so, the waiting begins! Reportedly, Hurricane Isaias will arrive in the night. Oh well. I have several books to read!

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