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Dearest Readers:

My husband and I enjoy dining out, like most patrons within the Charleston community; however, since Covid-19, I must say, I’ve cooked more than ever. Nevertheless, there is one restaurant in Mount Pleasant where we feel most welcome and safe.

Longhorn, located in Mount Pleasant Towne Centre, is our ‘go-to’ restaurant of choice now. Arriving, we are greeted by hosts wearing masks. Masks safely covering the mouth and nose! All tables are marked to let patrons know what tables are open to guests, and what tables are closed for service. Menus, salt and pepper grinders, and other items normally sitting on tables are not available unless a guest requests these items. When requested, I’ve noticed, before bringing these items to the table, they are sanitized!

Menu items are listed on photocopies of the menu, and after we ordered, the server destroyed them!

Glancing around the restaurant, we noticed every server wears a mask. Normally (before Covid-19) Longhorn was a popular restaurant, and many times, guests had to wait a few minutes for a table. Guests could sit to the left of the entrance. Not now! That area is populated with chairs, upside down. Guests are not permitted to sit there for a table. Longhorn encourages the “6-feet” space rule. The area is blocked off with ropes so no one can change the rule or remove a chair!

Management is hands-on! On two occasions, the manager on duty, Chris, has greeted us and found a proper area for us to dine. If large groups arrive, they are seated with six people to a table, spaced apart to provide safety! Never did I see any server without a mask. Once, I encouraged a server to cover her nose better and she did!

Regarding food, I must say, the food is as delicious as ever. If there is an issue regarding cooking, the management is quick to ‘make it right.’ As Chris has stated, “we want your dining experience to be as pleasant as ever.”

We haven’t been disappointed!

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