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Dearest Readers:

When I awoke this morning, I turned the TV on to hear the early morning news of Fox. Immediately, when I saw the date of ‘9-11’ my heart paced. Yes, today is ‘9-11’. A day we shall never forget.

No, I did not lose anyone on the day the twin towers were destroyed by terrorists. Nor did I lose anyone at the Pentagon, or in Pennsylvania; nevertheless, I remember 9-11 as if it was a movie playing in my brain. I awoke, poured a cup of coffee and went to my computer. Losing interest in the computer, I read the first page of the infamous Post and Courier newspaper. I don’t recall anything commemorative in the headlines. I confess, I read the ‘newless courier’ to find errors, poor grammatical structure and syntax, and of course the typos!

The telephone rang. My husband said good morning then he asked me if I was watching the news. “No,” I said, “I’ve lost interest in the news so I don’t turn the TV on.”

“Well, you might.”


My husband knows how I always pay attention to current events.

“One of the twin towers in New York City was hit by an airplane.”

“What?” I reached for the remote and turned on the Today Show.

“How can this happen? Was this a pilot error?”


I hung up the phone, curled my legs on the sofa and listened. I remembered the dream I had about three nights before. Those who know me realize I have visions. In that dream, I was sitting at the airport waiting my plane’s arrival. I noticed three tall Arabian men walking around wearing trench coats. Two of the men stopped to look outside at a window. One sat down behind me. The others joined him. One of the men had a thick, unkempt beard. He wore a black hat, I suppose to match his black trench coat. It was hot on that date and I wondered why they were wearing trench coats. Charleston is known for its humid heat, even in September.

Two of the men read newspapers. “Listen to this,” the freshly shaved young guy said. “The G-O-P. What is the G O P?”

The bearded guy said, “It’s the Government Opposed movement here in this United States.” All three laughed.

I turned around to correct them, “No. G O P stands for the Republican party in America. Not Government Opposed.”

They ignored me and laughed.

My dream continued.

One of the guys nudged the bearded guy sitting next to him.

“Today shall be a day to remember…”

They laughed.

I awoke, shaken from this dream. I never shared it with anyone, but on the morning of 9-11, I wondered if it was a vision of importance to me. Was my dream really a vision of something to happen soon? I must be insane to dream such events.

All day on 9-11, I was glued to the TV, following the news as it poured into the newsrooms like a tsunami.

Such a horrifying day in American history. Thousands of lives lost as people fell to their deaths inside the Twin Towers, or lost their lives in Washington, DC and Pennsylvania and inside the airplanes. Today, 9-11-2020, many anniversary ceremonies will happen.

Yes. Today is a sad day of remembrance as America recalls the thousands of tragedies on that date. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, we were at war with terrorists. Soldiers were sent to fight the wars, and many are still fighting. I call it the ‘endless war,’ since there appears to be no end to it.

9-11 changed America in many ways. How I wish and pray the USA would unite as one. I pray the domestic terrorists attacking cities now will stop and realize we all need to join together to save our country and the lives of those who are so filled with hatred. Together, we can do amazing things to help our country and one another.

May God bless America. President Trump. Our Armed Forces. And may God fill the hearts of all of those filled with hatred. Together, we can move mountains and build a NEW UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. We must all reach up to find and feel God’s presence within our hearts and lives.

Remembering 9-11!


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