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Dearest Readers:

Today is Friday, September 25, 2020. The day to give special respect and thanks for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. An impressive, strong, determined woman who made her mark in American history. Some people do not respect her because of all she did for the Women’s Movement, Women’s Rights, Equality and so much more.

I respect and admire any woman who will stand up to men and the world to simply ask “why,” or “why not.” I remember how difficult it was for me to break into broadcasting, film, writing, and other venues — simply because I’m a woman!

I planned to write in my blog on Wednesday, September 23. Nine months since the day we moved, and nine months since I broke/fractured my back – L-1 early in the morning while we were packing up trucks and cars to move. For a few hours we were homeless, after our former home sale closed. I remember driving around, praying we could close on our new home and not be homeless. Just where and how would we sleep on that night if we didn’t close and couldn’t move in? It isn’t a good feeling to feel homeless. We could make a reservation for a hotel room; however, our dogs were with us. Not many hotels in Charleston allow dogs! I confess, our dogs are barkers, although they do not destroy things, nor do they potty in the house, but this was a different day. A day to move, and a day to almost scream from the pain in my back.

At four o’clock in the afternoon, we closed on our new property. Since the furnishings were packed and in storage we could not get our furniture delivered on that date, so off to Walmart we go to buy two queen air mattresses. Now, my back is hurting so dreadfully I can hardly move. Phil wanted me to go to ER. “No,” I said. “If we go to ER, I’ll spend the entire night there. Just what will we do with our pups?”

We left our pups in the new house! Four days later, I went to Urgent Care to get my back checked. Somehow I knew I’d broken it. After it was confirmed, I made an appointment to see an orthopedic doctor. When I met him, he said I had osteoporosis.

My response was “How do you know I have osteoporosis without checking my back.

“I’m a surgeon. I know what it looks like and you have it.” Then he wanted to book a date for surgery.

Not on my back!

I’ve gone back to that doctor’s office several times for checkups. I met with a physician’s assistant. She ordered a bone density test. Much to their surprise, combined with a feeling of “I told you so,” the bone density test confirmed I did not have osteoporosis!

Thank God I am a stubborn woman who isn’t easily influenced by others! Although it has taken my back about nine months to feel better, I am happy to say, I’ve had eight good days now with very little back pain! Finally. Back surgery? Not even an option!

Now, I am working hard to empty boxes and get my home ready for the holidays. Yes, I know, it has taken me over nine months to unpack and get the rooms ready for company. Never did I imagine it would take nine months. I still have days where the pain is almost unbearable and when I do, I sit down to rest. Wednesday night I was actually able to cook a meal and not ache with pain! I’ve cooked more in this home than I was cooking in Mount Pleasant!


This morning, I sat on the front porch drinking my coffee while the freshness of rain danced in the pond. Now, the sun has returned. There is something so different and amazing while learning to live in the country. I’m thankful for every beautiful day, and every rainy day. I love looking out to see hundreds of trees along my five acre property, to see the changing colors as the leaves fade to yellow, then orange and fall into the pond. Later in the day, I might see a deer walking along the garage, turning into the thickness of the woods, while ever so quietly heading in the direction of our deer feeder. Geese fly over, glide into the pond for a quick swim and head in the direction of the deer feeder to steal the corn. Wildlife is so precious and beautiful here. My favorite is the deer I’ve nicknamed “Big Ears.” Her coat is darker that the other deer, and she does have some distinctive big ears, hence the name, “Big Ears.”

While writing this, the seven geese have arrived. They are circled around the deer feeder while one of them reaches high into the bottom of the feeder to steal the corn. Just another delightful day in the country!

Now, I must open two boxes and continue finding a spot for everything, or placing in the donation boxes.

Have a beautiful weekend, readers. May you enjoy glancing into your neighbor’s windows while you are in your home. Homes in subdivisions really are built close together now. A bit too close for my comfort! As for me, I’m enjoying watching that silly, bossy goose poke his nose down while demanding the other geese to leave the food alone. They scatter away as if they are afraid of him! He, or she, is the one stretching his neck to steal the corn. I don’t believe he likes to share it. Silly geese! They are quite funny. Messy, and bossy! I haven’t learned geese language yet. Still working on deer body language, but I do know “Big Ears,” knows who she is!

Enjoy the weekend!

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    I really liked your article.Really looking forward to read more. Great.

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