Barbie Perkins-Cooper, Author

Living Life in the Country As A Writer, Photographer

Dearest Readers:

Today is a beautiful day in the country, now. Earlier, the sun peeked out, only to be covered as rain poured. While writing this, I’m looking outside from the windows of my office. Sometimes, while writing, I’ll see a deer walk along the back of the pond. Not today. Later a group of six deer will run to the front meadow, anticipating their food.

Weeks ago, they hesitated while the king of the deer group, a four-point antler variety, would approach the deer feeder. He walked tall, holding his head high. The female deer hesitated until he marched to give his approval they could join him. Now, it is deer season. We haven’t seen “Rudolph, the King” in weeks so I suppose he was killed, either by an insensitive hunter, or a car. I’ve had several acquaintances mention hunting on our property. Of course, I said No! As an advocate for animals, I do not understand why we must have “deer season.” I believe it is a fact of life that deer were here first. We invaded their territory! Aren’t we wrong to want to kill them, hang their antlers in our homes, or taxidermy them?

I feel so blessed to have this beautiful property where deer feel safe to run and eat. Birds fly around, flapping their wings while enjoying their seeds and fish and turtles listen to me singing before feeding them. At the moment, there is an occasional wind gusting around, forcing trees, lantana, azaleas and lots of greenery to dance around, doing a beautiful, swaying ballet. Leaves are falling now after the arrival of fall. My red maple tree is naked. A lone duck swims gracefully in the pond now. Normally, I see two ducks. Today, only one. A beautiful blue heron loves to fish here but it isn’t time for him yet. About five o’clock he will arrive. When the deer rush by to have their dinner, he quickly flies away.

Funny. When I was a teenager, I conversed with a guy named Neal after meeting him at a restaurant. He lived in the country in (if my memory is correct) in Blairsville, Georgia. We became pen pals for a bit of time. For Christmas of that year he sent me a beautiful Holy Bible. I still have it! In one of his letters he asked me if I would love to live in the country, as his wife. He said I would be a farmer’s wife. To be honest, I confess, I never wrote to Neil again after sending him a thank you card for the beautiful Bible. I suppose he got the message. If he was searching for a ‘farmer’s wife’ I would not be the candidate!

During those days I had big dreams, never wanting or wishing to live in the country, on a farm! I believe I was about 14 at the time. I wanted to be a singer and live in a big, metropolitan city. Now, just a few years later — I am the one who stated I wanted to live in the country when we discussed moving from Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. Never did I imagine we would find a five-acre country setting that could easily serve as a farm. Never did I imagine I would have the desire to plant vegetables and have my own garden! Yes, I still sing, although lately, simply car karaoke! Thank you, Corona!

Every day while sitting on my porch, walking around my property, or enjoying the pond, I thank God we were blessed to buy this beautiful Serenity Oasis. For me, it is truly a little piece of Heaven.

Although I wasn’t able to plant a vegetable garden this year due to my fractured back injury, I’m hopeful early next spring, I will be able to plant it, along with daisies and perennial flowers. How I wanted to work in the garden this year but I had to recognize, my injury dictated what I could and could not do. This year, I’m looking forward to the holiday and Christmas season. Still, I desire to have a party so my friends can see our new home; however, due to Corona Virus threats, we’ve placed that idea on the back burner. My life consists of staying home at the moment since I’m considered high-risk due to asthma.

Tomorrow is another day, and now, I must get my curio cabinet ready for the items I plan to display in it. One day at a time is my philosophy now while attempting to dance around just a bit as I step into life in the country!

Today is just another beautiful, quiet life in the country. If only Neal knew I’m enjoying this country life!

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