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Dearest Readers (and WW too):

While I know and understand about social distancing, quarantine and the lack of being able to attend my weekly workshops at Weight Watchers, aka – “WW,” I am getting more than perplexed about losing weight.


Simple! I miss the ability to see others and share our stories. Unless you’ve ever had the issue of weight gain, you probably cannot understand how much Weight Watchers has helped me — that is — until now!

I suppose I am getting accustomed to doing WW online, not at meetings; nevertheless, I’m beginning to feel as if I am wasting the monthly fee to attend meetings. Plus, online is cheaper!

Yes, I know – those of you reading this who are WW members will say – “you can do a studio meeting online now, thanks to Zoom. I’ve done that. Twice! Although a bit inspired, I’ve continued to gain weight. Starting this week, I’ve decided to weigh every day. While it’s true Weight Watchers only wants us to weigh-in once a week, during this Coronavirus mess this week – I’ve lost 1.8 pounds, instead of gaining!

Perhaps I will call WW later today to discuss switching my membership to online only. I’ve had to tighten my budget significantly since this pandemic. I must say, I’ve never been as sick from hearing the infamous subject at hand (Coronavirus — Covid-19 — as I am now.

Gone are the days of socializing with friends, including our date night. Lately, I’ve cooked dinner on Fridays. Yes, my friends, those of you who know me truly know why since 1977 I refused to cook on Friday. What would you do if your husband came home from work and you’d rushed to have dinner ready. Only to hear him ask, “What’s for dinner?”

When I replied beef pot roast, he responded, and I quote: “Oh, Hell no. I ain’t eating that ##$# tonight!”

I grabbed the pot, opened the trash and poured dinner into the trash can. How dare him. Who does he think he is?

He opened the trash can. “What did you do?”

“You’re right! We’re not eating dinner here tonight. Maybe never!” If I recall correctly, we ate at Burger King that night!

And thus I became a feminist after that evening! I chose to stand up to him, and the next Friday when he came home, I shared that I would NEVER cook on Fridays again!

Regarding Weight Watchers, how I wish they would open our workshop meetings again. But — I’m only one! I’ve lost 40 pounds, gaining seven pounds since WW closed workshop meetings.

After fracturing my back, I wasn’t able to workout; however, thanks to Physical Therapy, and core exercises, I’m happy to say I am active again. I was walking daily. We’re having such high heat indexes in the low country, I am hesitant to walk until the early evening hours so now I am riding my standard exercise bike twice daily, inside where it is cool!

I have no confidence that I can lose weight alone, but I’m very tempted to either stop paying WW monthly fees. Quitting, or maybe just using etools. After all, that’s what I’m using now, and if I continue my practice of weighing daily — then, maybe — just maybe the strong, feminist I’ve become can continue this pursuit.

Maybe I’ll go phone WW to discuss. More details later! Wish me Luck!!!

One thought on “Weight Watchers — My Latest Dilemma

  1. Gathou says:

    Hi there! I’m curious, what did you decide in the end? I’m following ww online only so the lack of meetings didn’t impact me but I can understand the frustration especially regarding the fee!

    Oh and well done on your loss so far, don’t give up on eating healthy! You did so much of the work already!

    I applaud your feminism. I read so many testimonies on Connect from women who complain about their significant other while never doing anything about it…

    Hope you had a pleasant weekend despite everything.

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