March 20, 2014 — Welcome to The First Day of Spring!

Dearest Readers: Today I awaken to the first day of spring. Living in the South, my absolute favorite time of the year is springtime — when the earth is awakening to new life. Pollen. The blooming of fresh spring flowers. The scents and aromas of freshness. Jasmine. Mimosa. Daisies. Honey Suckle. Azaleas. And how canContinue reading “March 20, 2014 — Welcome to The First Day of Spring!”

Another Gray Day — In My Dreams I Live in Hawaii!

Dearest Readers: Today is Monday…another day of rain and gray clouds. I am so sick of this rain and the grayness. It is so depressing. Winter is a time where the sun appears to choose to stay within the clouds, instead of beaming with rich colors and warmth. On days like today, I simply wantContinue reading “Another Gray Day — In My Dreams I Live in Hawaii!”

Flying the Friendly Skies, Next to a Stranger

Dearest Readers: Today, while allowing my silly right knee to rest, I’ve decided to write on my blog again. The subject today is about traveling. Flying the friendly skies, next to a stranger. As a travel writer, I have journeyed to many exciting, beautiful destinations within the Southern and Southeast region with a stranger sittingContinue reading “Flying the Friendly Skies, Next to a Stranger”

While the Sun Sets On My Fantastic Trip to Hawaii

Waikiki Beach Wednesday, September 12, 2012 – I am happy to report I still have most of my Hawaiian tropical tan. People keep complimenting me and I am so pleased! I do apologize for not completing this saga of my trip to Hawaii until now. Life has really kept me busy lately. Two press trips,Continue reading “While the Sun Sets On My Fantastic Trip to Hawaii”

Welcome to Hawaii – Day Five and Beyond – Hawaii Is Like A Dream Come True!

Monday, August 20, 2012 – Sorry for the delay in sharing my astonishing dreams about Hawaii. I’ve been just a bit busy lately with several assignments to do, rehearsals for a show at the Charleston Elks Lodge, more assignments – unexpected, but so welcome, and of course, getting all the photographs I took of HawaiiContinue reading “Welcome to Hawaii – Day Five and Beyond – Hawaii Is Like A Dream Come True!”

Welcome to Hawaii – Day Four — Off to Diamond Head, Blow Hole

Sunday, July 8, 2012 — Phil’s birthday. Today, he is taking the day off so we can play tourist in Hawaii. We have plans to drive to Diamond Head, and travel on the coastal highways to find Nakalele Point Blowhole, not only in search of Blow Hole, but whales! The morning started like all theContinue reading “Welcome to Hawaii – Day Four — Off to Diamond Head, Blow Hole”

Welcome to Hawaii – Paradise Cove and the Lu’au

Saturday, July 7, 2012 – Phil is working again until noon. I spent the morning at the pool at Hyatt Regency Waikiki, enjoying quiet time without anyone around. I suppose I enjoy being alone so much because I am a writer, and writers truly need the isolation to nourish the creative muse. The morning isContinue reading “Welcome to Hawaii – Paradise Cove and the Lu’au”

Welcome to Hawaii –Day Three – Escape to Paradise

Saturday, July 7, 2012 – Aloha! Today is my third day in Honolulu. It is still early morning, or should I say it is dawn. I glance out at the balcony, giving up on sleep since Phil is snoring and I am almost convinced there is a freight train running around in this room andContinue reading “Welcome to Hawaii –Day Three – Escape to Paradise”

Escape to Hawaii – Part Two of Day Two

Part Two – Day Two I arrived at the pool at 8:30am – 2:30pm, Eastern Time. Smiling at the attendant, I asked if it was too early to come to the pool. He smiled, asked my room number, and suggested a nice beach chair where the morning and afternoon sun works very well. He coveredContinue reading “Escape to Hawaii – Part Two of Day Two”

Welcome to Hawaii – Day Two – ‘Morning Has Broken’

Friday, July 6, 2012 – day two of my escape to paradise. Much to my surprise, I have no jet lag, managing to sleep very well. Awakening before the first morning sun, I slipped on to the balcony, to capture the changing colors of the clouds of Hawaii, or should I say, Honolulu, Waikiki Beach,Continue reading “Welcome to Hawaii – Day Two – ‘Morning Has Broken’”