This is a Test – Writing for 10 Minutes

Writing for 10 Minutes Daily – beginning this journey March 23, 2019 Today, I give thanks for life, for a husband who loves me and for my family of friends, along with a sister who loves me, regardless of the situations of life. I share this because for several years, we were estranged. All toContinue reading “This is a Test – Writing for 10 Minutes”

The Saga of Freewriting — Ten Minutes and Counting!

Freewriting again today. What is the subject? Truly the first thing coming into my mind. For just a few years, I’ve worked on a manuscript, “Chattahoochee Child.” At first, there wasn’t a plot. Only characters. Now, I have the plot although I keep procrastinating about it. Here goes. The story is placed along the coastContinue reading “The Saga of Freewriting — Ten Minutes and Counting!”

Freewriting With the Demands of Life, Interruptions and PTSD

Dearest Readers: Freewriting today, so here goes. Freewriting has been described as a time for writers to sit and write about anything that comes to the mind. It is now 3:52. I am supposed to write for five to ten minutes. Just write. No editing. What is on my mind? It is Monday, my scheduledContinue reading “Freewriting With the Demands of Life, Interruptions and PTSD”

Give Me Wings to Fly…

Today appeared to be a good day. After paying the monthly bills, I settled down, thankful that life was going my way – finally. I looked up to the blue skies, whispering a silent prayer to God, thankful that I could pay the monthly bills and still have a bit left over, just in theContinue reading “Give Me Wings to Fly…”

Character…What It Is, According to Me…

Dearest Readers: While taking another break from housework, I visited Facebook where people were discussing the cruelty of some of their acquaintances. Yes, acquaintances…not friends. Reading a few of the comments got me thinking…and if you know me…thinking can be dangerous! I create my best characters while — thinking! Like all of you, I’ve metContinue reading “Character…What It Is, According to Me…”

Free Writing 101…

Dearest Readers: Today is a beautiful day in the Lowcountry of Charleston, SC. The welcomed sunshine is beaming brightly in my windows, especially in my breakfast room. Yesterday, May 4, 2014, I decided to work in the yard, cutting back the brittle branches of my Lantana, lace Hydrangea and other brittle branches needing attention. Normally,Continue reading “Free Writing 101…”

My Thoughts About Freewriting

Dearest Readers: Many of you are actively reading my blog and for that I thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Some of you have asked if I allow others to write on my blog. The answer to that question is “No.” As a writer with a web presence, I do not allow othersContinue reading “My Thoughts About Freewriting”

To All of My Readers Thank You For Your Interest and Comments

Dearest Readers: This will be brief, due to an eye infection, I must not be on the computer for any length of time; however, since I’ve had so many readers inquire as to how difficult it is to blog, write…etc…I would like to respond. Many of you have stated you keep a journal. As aContinue reading “To All of My Readers Thank You For Your Interest and Comments”

Mother Nature…Chilling Breezes…and the Good Ole Boys!

Dearest Readers: Someone on Facebook mentioned a freewriting site that is private, so here I am typing away. I suppose it could be referred to as ‘freewriting,’ the infamous writing tasks that writers do to get the wheels in motion so they can write. I am only one of those writers. At times, I struggleContinue reading “Mother Nature…Chilling Breezes…and the Good Ole Boys!”