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Dearest Readers:

This will be brief, due to an eye infection, I must not be on the computer for any length of time; however, since I’ve had so many readers inquire as to how difficult it is to blog, write…etc…I would like to respond.

Many of you have stated you keep a journal. As a child and a young woman, I did the same. Writing in a diary or journal was a family tradition, until my dad died. After that date, July 6, 1999. I stopped writing in a journal. It simply broke my heart to follow that tradition so I chose to write – on my computer instead. Now, that I blog, I usually write in my blog, sometimes freewriting, other times, using a topic I have chosen. If something ruffles my feathers, you can bet, I will vocalize these incidents in my blog. Just read some of my topics and you will discover.

Is setting up a blog difficult? Many have asked that question. My simple answer is no. I enjoy using; however, I do find adding images or photographs difficult. Perhaps I need to upgrade. Who knows? I am a bit skeptical adding my photographs anyway, because they are my professional images and I do not want others to copy or steal them.

But what do I write, you might ask? Just open a ‘vein and let it bleed.’ If something ruffles your feathers, write about it. If something ticks you off — write about it. A few years ago, after a disturbing incident at Ralph H. Johnson Veterans Hospital, locally in Charleston, I wrote about a rude nurse who told me, and I quote, “If you don’t like our service, you can go elsewhere.” I spun quickly on my heel, and I inhaled…exhaled…and then…I used my Julia Sugarbaker style to let that young, inconsiderate RUDE nurse maybe she could go elsewhere. I came home. Opened my blog, and I wrote about that incident. Yes, it is still here on my blog…Let’s just say, before my letter could get to the appropriate departments at the VA Hospital, I got a phone call. In fact several phone calls.
Apologies…This only proves how quickly the Internet is to vocalize your opinion. However, I caution you to be correct…don’t embellish and make certain you are writing the truth.

I suppose I am from the old school of writing. I research and confirm my facts, I do not embellish, and I encourage others to do the same.

They say to write what you know…and that is what I do here — on my blog. If I can assist you, just leave a comment or e-mail me. I have a web presence, so I am fairly easy to locate.

Thank you, all of you for reading my blog. I hope you will continue. And now, I must close this and rest this silly eye. Funny, just before it got so red, I noticed that I could see better without my contacts. I think God has healed my sight. Isn’t that wonderful!

Goodnight world. I look forward to your comments. Meanwhile, just write. is a great place to share your thoughts. May God bless us everyone!

3 thoughts on “To All of My Readers Thank You For Your Interest and Comments

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