My Thoughts On Friendship

Dearest Readers: Normally if I write in my blog on Thursday’s I write about my weekly accomplishments with Weight Watchers. Today’s discussion will be about the touchy, sometimes controversial subject of friendship. While at Weight Watchers today, the subject of friendship entered my mind. Why? Simple. I do not have many “friends.” Did you noticeContinue reading “My Thoughts On Friendship”

To All of My Readers Thank You For Your Interest and Comments

Dearest Readers: This will be brief, due to an eye infection, I must not be on the computer for any length of time; however, since I’ve had so many readers inquire as to how difficult it is to blog, write…etc…I would like to respond. Many of you have stated you keep a journal. As aContinue reading “To All of My Readers Thank You For Your Interest and Comments”

When Customer Service Makes Your Day

Dearest Readers: After my last post, maybe I should write an update. Yesterday was a bad day for me…one where I wanted to simply crawl into the woodwork and NEVER come out. Today, I am happy to report is a good day. At least it has started off better. Yesterday, I had one of myContinue reading “When Customer Service Makes Your Day”

Mother Nature…Chilling Breezes…and the Good Ole Boys!

Dearest Readers: Someone on Facebook mentioned a freewriting site that is private, so here I am typing away. I suppose it could be referred to as ‘freewriting,’ the infamous writing tasks that writers do to get the wheels in motion so they can write. I am only one of those writers. At times, I struggleContinue reading “Mother Nature…Chilling Breezes…and the Good Ole Boys!”

Smoking Is So Cool…Just Ask the Younger Generation And In the Future…Welcome to the Zipper Club!

Over the weekend my husband and I went to karaoke at Broadway at the Beach, Myrtle Beach, SC. I must say, it was a mistake for me to assume that Myrtle Beach is non-smoking. Not at Broadway at the Beach Karaoke. Entering, I smelled the familiar scent that burns my nostrils and eyes. “Oh No…Continue reading “Smoking Is So Cool…Just Ask the Younger Generation And In the Future…Welcome to the Zipper Club!”

“The Butler,” Is One Of The Best Movies I Have Seen In A Long Time…

Yesterday, my husband and I went to see “The Butler.” Forest Whitaker captivated me as Cecil Gaines, “The Butler.” From the poignant opening scene of the movie until the end, I was spellbound, remembering the Civil Rights Movement, how blacks were treated and how angry I got, as a child, recognizing the ‘colored’ signs,Continue reading ““The Butler,” Is One Of The Best Movies I Have Seen In A Long Time…”

George Zimmerman — Not Guilty

Dearest Readers: I confess to all of you, I did not glue myself to the George Zimmerman trial. After listening to the case of Casey Anthony, I promised myself I would not sit and watch those types of cases again, nor would I listen to another “not guilty” verdict. When I heard the story aboutContinue reading “George Zimmerman — Not Guilty”

So…You’ve Got an Opinion — Paula Deen

Dearest Readers: This has truly been a melancholic week for me, first with the loss of a classmate and friend, Becki Vinson Matthews. Circular thinking has danced inside of my head, remembering how happy, energetic and full of life Becki was at our class reunion in April. Gone too soon, much too soon. I confess,Continue reading “So…You’ve Got an Opinion — Paula Deen”