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Over the weekend my husband and I went to karaoke at Broadway at the Beach, Myrtle Beach, SC. I must say, it was a mistake for me to assume that Myrtle Beach is non-smoking. Not at Broadway at the Beach Karaoke. Entering, I smelled the familiar scent that burns my nostrils and eyes. “Oh No… They smoke in here.” I said. We sat down and I asked the waitress what area was non-smoking.

“None,” she replied.

“Great…this will be a fun night.”

At first, the ventilation fought the disgusting cigarette plumes. Later in the evening, with every person in their 20’s to 30’s appearing to smoke, the cigarette smoke won. Three guys, obviously drunker than any skunk, continued to walk behind my chair…ALWAYS BUMPING ME. Never apologizing, and oh so quick to blow smoke in my direction. I tapped one on the shoulder. “Could you please move downwind, please?”

He was so drunk he could not comprehend what I was saying, or maybe he did not care.

I was under the impression that the younger generation were now educated to understand that smoking is no longer cool. In fact, it is downright dangerous. Second hand smoke is just as dangerous too…but they continued to smoke…and smoke…drink…and smoke…smoke and drink. I suppose you get the picture. No doubt in future years they will learn to regret what smoking does to the lungs and the heart. I hope and pray they comprehend this before it is too late.

In one word, smoking KILLS! Not only does the smoke radiate throughout the area, the scent of tobacco remains in clothing, shoes, hair and everywhere. I was so happy when we decided to leave Broadway at the Beach. Outside, the younger generation was everywhere — smoking. I had to fan smoke away outside. Talk about pollution!

I am married to a former smoker. He refused to ever give up smoking until February 2, 1998, when he was rushed to the hospital for tests, suspecting heart disease.

February 4, 1998 was his last day to smoke. After his admittance to the Cardiac Care area of Roper Hospital in Charleston, he was permitted to smoke, even though the area was non-smoking. A most caring nurse who had the cigarette habit told him “he could crank out the window in his room, to smoke. No one will know,” she said. How considerate of her. I followed her out of the room. “Excuse me, nurse. May I speak with you for a moment…privately?”

She looked into my eyes. Quickly we moved to a closet. She turned the light on. “While it was extremely thoughtful of you to share how you smoke on this floor, you do realize my husband is a heart patient, probably scheduled for heart surgery…What you said to him I did not appreciate. Would you like me to go to H-R and report your behavior, or will you promise me you will never suggest this again?”

Her mouth popped open.

“I will not report this behavior, but don’t you ever do this again to ANY HEART PATIENT. Do you understand?”

She nodded. I think I got my point across.

February 4, 1998 my husband joined the “Zipper Club.” To those of you who do not understand the terminology, it is a special club established for anyone who has had cardiac surgery and has a zipper in the chest.

Thank you cigarettes!

My wish for you in the younger generation who light up every few minutes is to never receive an invitation to the zipper club. It isn’t a nice club to become familiar with. Please, when you smoke, think about what you are doing to your body, and to those around you who tolerate the disgusting smell of cigarettes. Your friends. Children. Wives and Husbands and Loved Ones. Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health.

Instead of smoking, play with your cell phones while realizing that life is short and with every cigarette you light up, smoke and inhale, you are cutting your life even shorter!

Thank you for NOT SMOKING!


3 thoughts on “Smoking Is So Cool…Just Ask the Younger Generation And In the Future…Welcome to the Zipper Club!

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