The Royal Wedding – Sunshine Arrives

While watching the wedding of Prince William and Kate, the weather report was a bit sketchy; however, almost as soon as Kate arrived in the stunning, classic wedding gown and stepped out to walk towards her Prince, the Heavens appeared to beam with light. Perhaps this was just a coincidence. Since I am a personContinue reading “The Royal Wedding – Sunshine Arrives”

Happy Royal Wedding Day – Kate and William

Friday, April 29, 2011 — The church is decorated with tall trees, flowers and all the elegance of a splendid wedding day.  The crowds are strolling inside Westminster Abbey. Women dressed in the finest of designs and spectacular hats. Men are adorned in morning suits. All the best for a great 21-first century couple – Prince WilliamContinue reading “Happy Royal Wedding Day – Kate and William”

Thank You for Your Comments Related to Veterans’ Issues

To those of you who read my blog on a regular basis — and apparently there are many of you — I would like to thank you for your kind thoughts, stories, issues and comments. Since I wrote the story about our recent experience at Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center, my e-mail has beenContinue reading “Thank You for Your Comments Related to Veterans’ Issues”

Gulf Oil Disaster – One Year Later

Today, one year ago, we lost eleven men during the Gulf Oil disaster – Deepwater Horizon. How I remember the dreadful tragedy. My heart broke for the families who would not see a loved one come home again, the children who would never kiss their father goodbye before leaving for work, a husband who wouldContinue reading “Gulf Oil Disaster – One Year Later”

Diplomacy Pays – When Dealing with the VA Hospitals

A few weeks ago I posted a blog on this site about a dreadful situation at Ralph H. Johnson VA Hospital, Charleston, SC. If you’ve read it, you recall I discussed a situation with a nurse named Hannah and her abrupt demeanor. Perhaps she was having a bad day. Perhaps she was fighting PMS. Perhaps sheContinue reading “Diplomacy Pays – When Dealing with the VA Hospitals”

Civil War Returns to Charleston – April 12, 2011

Pop. Pop. Bang. Bang. Bang. The sounds of the Civil War have returned, only this is April 12, 2011 at 6:45am – 150 years later! Today, the sounds of war are everywhere, especially in Charleston, SC where I hear the thundering sounds of war. If these sounds are symbolic of the noise and warnings ofContinue reading “Civil War Returns to Charleston – April 12, 2011”

Hurry Up and Wait…Playing the Waiting Game at the VA Hospital

             On March 30, 2011, my husband awoke to severe pain in the neck. Knowing he is a heart patient who suffered a TIA in December 2008, Phil phoned his primary care doctor at Ralph H. Johnson VA Hospital. For those who are not aware, a transient ischemic attack (TIA) is a mini-stroke. A TIAContinue reading “Hurry Up and Wait…Playing the Waiting Game at the VA Hospital”