Goodbye Hurricane Florence

Dearest Readers: Normally, when we have hurricane warnings/watches and the winds roar, I get horrified and do not sleep. Not with Hurricane Florence. I’ve slept really great every night, including last night. I awoke after 9:00am this morning. Really strange. Today looks like a normal day in Charleston, SC. We have gray clouds while theContinue reading “Goodbye Hurricane Florence”

Hurricane Florence – Finally It Rains

Dearest Readers: I suppose I should report, it looks like Hurricane Florence finally visited Charleston. We’re getting rain now. Looks like it has been a nice soaker – just like a normal rainy day. The winds are dancing on the tree branches just like a normal day when we have rain. I haven’t been outsideContinue reading “Hurricane Florence – Finally It Rains”

Day Three – Hurricane Florence Update

Dearest Readers: Thought I’d post a quick update regarding Hurricane Florence. We are ready for her. Today is day three of listening to the Weather Channel, and Channel 2 weather reports. By now, I’m almost burned out from listening to the same thing…over…and over…and over again! Hurricane Florence is now a Category Three. Yesterday atContinue reading “Day Three – Hurricane Florence Update”

Memories of Hurricane Hugo, Hurricane Floyd, and Soon — Hurricane Matthew

  Dearest Readers: I remember September 21, 1989 and Hurricane Hugo, a category four hurricane when it SLAMMED into the Charleston Harbor. My husband was activated with the SC National Guard. I chose to volunteer at the culinary college where I worked. caring for  60 students in a historical building that once was a tobaccoContinue reading “Memories of Hurricane Hugo, Hurricane Floyd, and Soon — Hurricane Matthew”

Living With Hurricanes – Hurricane Matthew

  Dearest Readers: Today is an early morning day. A day to make certain we are prepared for Hurricane Matthew. Living in the low country of Charleston, SC, exactly four miles from the beach, I have been in several hurricanes. The first was Hurricane Hugo in 1989. During that strong hurricane, my husband was inContinue reading “Living With Hurricanes – Hurricane Matthew”

Hurricane Hugo — The Aftermath of the Storm…September 21, 2014

Dearest Readers: I have been quiet for a bit. Just a bit perplexed with writing…feeling as if I could not write one word ever again. Alas, I am back — on this day September 21, 2014 — 25 years after Hurricane Hugo strove to destroy the beautiful City of Charleston, SC. So many people cannotContinue reading “Hurricane Hugo — The Aftermath of the Storm…September 21, 2014”