On Golden Pond – My Golden Pond! Have You Missed Me?

Dearest Readers: Yes. I understand. I’ve been silent for much too long. When I started my blog, I posted regularly. Thrilled to finally be writing again Unfortunately, since at least 2015 my life has been unpredictable, stressed, and I lost my confidence in my abilities as a writer. Every time I attempted to write, lifeContinue reading “On Golden Pond – My Golden Pond! Have You Missed Me?”

Happy Birthday to The Perkins Twins

Dearest Readers: As I strive to push some energy into my body on the first day of packing to move, I must acknowledge The Perkins Twins. Yesterday was the 105th birthday of Walter W. and Lewis Eugene Perkins, aka “The Perkins Twins.” I thought of their birthday all day, never finding a free moment toContinue reading “Happy Birthday to The Perkins Twins”

Much Too Busy at Christmas

Dearest Readers: Today is Tuesday, December 16, 2019. Christmas is only nine days away. For our home this year, there isn’t the traditional Christmas tree decorated. All I have is a Norfolk Island Pine my husband surprised me with about a week ago when I mentioned I missed our traditional Christmas tree. This year, everythingContinue reading “Much Too Busy at Christmas”

Moving On — With Weight Watchers…

Dearest Readers: I apologize for not posting much this month. Let’s just say, it’s been a most unusual month for me, starting with getting so frustrated with weight loss, the holidays and my lack of interest in losing weight, combined with a cruise we took on the Carnival Fantasy. I promised myself I would beContinue reading “Moving On — With Weight Watchers…”

Free Writing 101…

Dearest Readers: Today is a beautiful day in the Lowcountry of Charleston, SC. The welcomed sunshine is beaming brightly in my windows, especially in my breakfast room. Yesterday, May 4, 2014, I decided to work in the yard, cutting back the brittle branches of my Lantana, lace Hydrangea and other brittle branches needing attention. Normally,Continue reading “Free Writing 101…”