2020…Corona Virus Spreading, and Now Racism

Dearest Readers: Brace Yourselves, Readers. Yes. I admit it. Barbie Perkins-Cooper is stepping gently on her soap box once again, only this time with compassion, heartache and opinions that all of my regular readers {and those who know me personally} have been curious as to WHEN I would write about the subject at hand. ItContinue reading “2020…Corona Virus Spreading, and Now Racism”

Chattahoochee Child

PART TWO The headlines in the newspaper caught my attention. Bibb Manufacturing Company becomes a ghost town. I stared at the caption with a tight bewildered look on my face, reading it again, picturing the desolate hope filled community of Bibb City, Georgia, the destitute textile community of my youth. Bibb City was the smallContinue reading “Chattahoochee Child”

Special Words and Goals for 2016

Dearest Readers: The new year of 2016 is here, and here with this new year, I am somewhat behind. Behind??? Yes, definitely. As an active blogger and writer, I like to be on ‘top of things…’ ‘Ahead of the game.’ And I do not like to procrastinate. Here it is — Friday, January 8, andContinue reading “Special Words and Goals for 2016”

Backstabbing Friends — What It Is And How To Cope…

Dearest Readers: All of my life I have experienced situations with — and I USE the term loosely — “Friends.” I consider friendships something to be cherished — the chosen few — the friend we stand by through thick and thin. If you read my blog regularly you will know I have written about friendshipsContinue reading “Backstabbing Friends — What It Is And How To Cope…”

Happy New Year…2015

Hello Readers and Happy New Year: Just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a fresh and Happy New Year, 2015. Today, all of us step into a new journey in our lives…a new year. What will happen to our world in 2015? What will we accomplish? No one has a magical looking-glass toContinue reading “Happy New Year…2015”

Chattahoochee Child — Saga Continues…

Chattahoochee Child Barbie Perkins-Cooper Copyright 2014 Walking around the flower displays at the exhibit hall of the Coastal Carolina Fair, I inhaled the aromatic smells of pale orange roses. Garrett touched a rose petal. I tapped his hand. “You aren’t supposed to touch them,” I scolded. He laughed, stepping back. “Coral roses are my favorites,”Continue reading “Chattahoochee Child — Saga Continues…”

Ray Rice…Let’s Just Say…He Isn’t A Role Model…

Dearest Readers: Yes, it is a true…everyone has an opinion about Ray Rice. Of course you must know, I have an opinion too and my opinion is this story is about Domestic Violence…from both sides. In the TMZ video, I noticed Janay Palmer (his fiancee at the time) slaps Ray. This appears to start theContinue reading “Ray Rice…Let’s Just Say…He Isn’t A Role Model…”

Domestic Violence in South Carolina…Will It EVER END???

Dearest Readers: Yesterday, I posted a story related to the book I am working on: “Chattahoochee Child.” The post I published yesterday was written months ago, revised a bit yesterday and published. I suppose the articles I am reading lately, a series from the Post and Courier newspaper titled, “Till Death Do Us Part,” http://www.postandcourier.com/tilldeath/Continue reading “Domestic Violence in South Carolina…Will It EVER END???”


Dearest Readers: Today, while finally gluing my butt to the chair, I am writing again. Today, I would like to share the latest Excerpt from “Chattahoochee Child.” I hope you will enjoy! A FAMILY MATTER… Domestic Violence…Domestic Abuse… Regardless what it is called, it is truly a vicious monster. A wild, destructive monster that roarsContinue reading “Excerpt from “CHATTAHOOCHEE CHILD””