Am I A “Racist???

Yesterday, I received a news alert about Melania Trump being a ‘racist’ from a librarian. Seems Melania Trump is a racist for donating Dr. Seuss’ books??? Duh? Am I missing something? Dr. Seuss books are racist??? Let’s look up the definition for racist: “a person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people ofContinue reading “Am I A “Racist???”

Super Bowl Sunday – Let’s Go, Atlanta Falcons!

Dearest Readers: After all of the hatred and the refusal of so many people to accept our new President, Donald J. Trump, I have decided to leave social media sites for a while. Yes, I will probably ‘stalk’ Facebook, just to scroll down to read posts from friends; however, I do not plan to postContinue reading “Super Bowl Sunday – Let’s Go, Atlanta Falcons!”