Dearest Readers: Today is my day to face the music…stop beating myself up…and move on with life! Why? Simple. Today is my weigh-in day at Weight Watchers. Early this morning, I felt nervous. Embarrassed…All of those negative feelings we all feel whenever we gain weight. I confess – I have used my ‘get out ofContinue reading ““WEIGHT GAIN IS NOT A PERMANENT CONDITION!’”

Let The Rehearsals Begin…

Dearest Readers: Good morning, World. Another beautiful sunshiny day! After two cups of coffee and my morning yogurt parfait, I decided to rehearse the tentative songs for the show scheduled for late May — May 30, to be exact! All of my pups, with exception of grouchy little Hanks, were outside while I popped theContinue reading “Let The Rehearsals Begin…”

 Here Comes the Bride: Ways to Ease Bridal Jitters

Wedding day – the ultimate day a young girl dreams about from early childhood, until the glorious event arrives. A wedding day requires much preparation, planning the details, mailing invitations, ordering flowers, finding just the right cake, reception, and planning the honeymoon. The list of Things to Do seems endless. Exhausted, the bride starts losingContinue reading ” Here Comes the Bride: Ways to Ease Bridal Jitters”

Remodeling 101 — A New Kitchen

Dearest Readers: Below is a story written in 2007 when our household decided to remodel our kitchen. Enjoy! TUESDAY, MARCH 27, 2007 Remodeling 101 – KITCHEN FACELIFT The Saga of Remodeling a Kitchen, and a Marriage For many years I’ve dreamed of a modern kitchen, filled with contemporary, custom-made cabinets with plenty of storage space,Continue reading “Remodeling 101 — A New Kitchen”

Finding True Happiness With Myself and Weight Watchers

Dearest Readers: Like many women, there have been many road blocks and detours in my life. Marrying at a young age — much too young — I recognized that happiness does not come from marriage, or from living with someone, or from the temptations of food. I have battled with weight problems all of myContinue reading “Finding True Happiness With Myself and Weight Watchers”

Happy New Year…2015

Hello Readers and Happy New Year: Just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a fresh and Happy New Year, 2015. Today, all of us step into a new journey in our lives…a new year. What will happen to our world in 2015? What will we accomplish? No one has a magical looking-glass toContinue reading “Happy New Year…2015”

My Thoughts On Friendship

Dearest Readers: Normally if I write in my blog on Thursday’s I write about my weekly accomplishments with Weight Watchers. Today’s discussion will be about the touchy, sometimes controversial subject of friendship. While at Weight Watchers today, the subject of friendship entered my mind. Why? Simple. I do not have many “friends.” Did you noticeContinue reading “My Thoughts On Friendship”

Friday Reflections…

Dearest Readers: If you follow my blog on a regular basis, you will know I haven’t written much in this column in about two weeks. Last week was truly the week from Hell for me. Beginning with suspected car problems where the technicians replied, “The engine light wasn’t on when we checked it…” Of course,Continue reading “Friday Reflections…”

Friday Reflections…Finding My Strength To Be The Best I Can Be…

Dearest Readers: Yes, today is Friday. A day to reflect and appreciate life. A day to give thanks and be thankful for another great week of life. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will recall I am on a Weight Watchers journey. Thursday is my weigh-in day, so reluctantly, yesterday, IContinue reading “Friday Reflections…Finding My Strength To Be The Best I Can Be…”

Friday Reflections…

Dearest Readers: I’ve been just a bit quiet for a while, especially with stories about my Weight Watchers journey. Why? Simple…I’m still on the journey…managing to yo-yo back and forth with the same one to two pounds. I feel as if I am rewinding, but I’m not giving up! My body is getting smaller, firmerContinue reading “Friday Reflections…”