Rainy Days…Rainy Nights…Will Charleston, SC EVER See Sunshine Again?

Dearest Readers: As I glance outside at the window by my desk, I see gray skies…Raindrops are dripping slowly to the ground. Trees are covered with so much moisture, they almost lose their color. The mimosa trees drip with a grayish color as if to say they are sick and tired of this rain andContinue reading “Rainy Days…Rainy Nights…Will Charleston, SC EVER See Sunshine Again?”

If It Wasn’t For Weight Watchers….

As you probably know, I am a Weight Watcher. As a ‘weight watcher’ I lose slowly — EVER SO SLOWLY! I have weekly weigh-ins where I cheer, and I have many weeks at weigh-in where I want to scream…beat myself up…run into a brick wall…or — QUIT!

19 Kids, and Counting…The Disgraceful Duggars!

I confess…I WAS a recent semi-fan of the TLC program, 19 KIDS AND COUNTING… Surfing on the TV one night, I discovered the program, 19 KIDS AND COUNTING, so I watched it.

So Much For Valentine’s Day…

Dearest Readers: Have you missed me? I’ve certainly missed writing. Please allow me to explain. Most of you who read my blog understand that I am a writer, photographer and singer. Since February 14 — Yes, Valentine’s Day — I have been extremely quiet. My quietness started on February 12, when my husband acquired aContinue reading “So Much For Valentine’s Day…”

Walking At An Advanced Level While Working Thru My Fears – Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge

Today, I tackled the Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge once again. My goal for each week is to walk it three times weekly. To those of you who do not know, “The bicycle and pedestrian lane is 2.7 miles long (14,400 feet), measuring from Patriots Point Road to East Bay Street. Measuring only the part thatContinue reading “Walking At An Advanced Level While Working Thru My Fears – Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge”