Friday Reflections…Exhaustion…And How To Cope In A World Of Stress

Dearest Readers: Today is Friday…a day of looking forward to the weekend. As for me, it is another day of exhaustion. Why? Allow me to explain…Undoubtedly, this week has pushed me to the limit, starting with Tuesday. Early Tuesday morning, my husband and I had to be at Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center. HubbyContinue reading “Friday Reflections…Exhaustion…And How To Cope In A World Of Stress”

Sears Continues To Call — Renewal of Warranty???

Dearest Readers: Those of you who read my posts on a regular basis will recall the saga of my Sears issues…remember the issues I had with getting my washing machine repaired. It took over three weeks — almost two weeks JUST to get a technician out to check it to determine I needed a computerContinue reading “Sears Continues To Call — Renewal of Warranty???”

The Saga of Laundry Day at Sears…

Making certain I am posting this on my site, and not Sears. After I posted on their site, they responded — almost immediately — giving me a case number, saying someone would get back with me and they reprimanded me a bit. Oh well. I shall be nice! Yes, I received a phone call aboutContinue reading “The Saga of Laundry Day at Sears…”

Don’t Buy Appliances From Sears!!!!!!!

Dearest Readers: Yes, I need to vent — BEFORE I EXPLODE! My washing machine is a Kenmore front loader. Today, it is not working at all. No power, cannot do diagnostic testing — like THEY suggested because — duh! There isn’t any power. When I phoned the service department I was told the earliest theyContinue reading “Don’t Buy Appliances From Sears!!!!!!!”


Hello, Readers: Yes, it is me. Barbie Perkins-Cooper –once again stepping into the shoes of Julia Sugarbaker to inform my reading public about AT&T UVerse! IF you are even considering ‘hooking up’ with AT&T for ‘bundling’ or UVerse think twice. I have been on the phone with them AGAIN after my landline UVerse went outContinue reading “AT&T Still SUCKS”

Hello, AT&T UVerse — Are You Listening???

How am I doing this morning, questions Facebook. Are you certain you want an answer, FB? OK — here goes. Got up early after battling sleep – tired, but ready to check e-mail and surf the net for research purposes. You’ll never guess what I discovered! The wonderful — ever so dependable (NOT) DEPENDABLE —Continue reading “Hello, AT&T UVerse — Are You Listening???”

What is The Deal With the Do Not Call List???

I suppose I will start writing all of these phone calls down…I am definitely getting tired of my phone ringing, almost off the hook. Yesterday, we had about six phone calls from telemarketers. Today, I have answered the phone four times at 10am Eastern Time. Only one call was from my husband, the rest —Continue reading “What is The Deal With the Do Not Call List???”