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Dearest Readers:

Like you I have cabin fever. Sitting at home, unable to see friends, have luncheons, and just fun ‘girlfriend time,’ leaves me depressed and about ready to scream. However, after our move to the country, I don’t think anyone would hear a scream. I’m not missing suburbia at all. When I feel at my breaking point, I go outside and sit on a bench by the pond.

After we moved, I didn’t know we had turtles. Now, I do. So far, I’ve counted at least ten turtles. On sunny days, I see them sunbathing. Other times, I watch their little heads pop up and down in the water. Much to my surprise, I’ve discovered they like when I sing to them. I’ve named one Myrtle the Turtle and when I sing “Myrtle the turtle – where are you,” I am able to see them swimming towards me. This give me such pleasure at a time in our lives when Corona Virus is captivating the world.

The turtles are trusting me and they enjoy hearing me song. Yes. People, for those of you who’ve never heard me singing, I’ve been told I have a great voice. I think the turtles agree!

Since I live in the Charleston, SC community where travel tourism and hospitality are truly suffering after the stay-at-home order and before, my heart breaks to learn how our economy is suffering. According to the Post and Courier newspaper this morning, tourism is about a $24 billion industry for the State, including Charleston.

Funny, I haven’t heard about traffic congestion lately although when Phil and I go to the grocery store, we still have lots of traffic on the roads. For those who are wondering IF Charleston is allowing tourism now, I would say, you will be restricted. All parks are closed. Hotels and restaurants closed. Some hotels are open, and if you want to come to Charleston to enjoy our amazing culinary cuisine and hotels, or to party — well, you might consider visiting at another time. Take out orders only! No dining inside and forget meeting others. The City is closed!

Downtown is not permitting the carriage tours. I haven’t driven downtown to see exactly what is going on. Some people compare this to a hurricane. I disagree. With hurricanes, Charleston becomes a ghost town. The city goes dark. No traffic, especially if we are told we must leave. After Hurricane Floyd, I promised myself I would never fight the traffic again just to get out of Charleston! So, I say, there is no comparison for hurricanes and Corona Virus.

Yesterday, my husband and I were snapping at each other. I told him I need space! Later, we had a small discussion, agreeing that we are on each other’s nerves. I had another talk with God, apologizing and telling Him I would stop. Breathe. Inhale. Breathe again, and thank God for our health.

I think I’m hearing another press conference from our President, Donald Trump now, so perhaps I will close this free writing episode and listen to the latest. It is so depressing!

Please pray for us, our Nation and the World. We need this Corona Virus to fade away. Never to return. I pray for all who are sick around the world. I am considered a high-risk due to asthma, so I cope by staying inside. Washing my hands repeatedly and when I go to the grocery store, I pray I find Lysol, hand sanitizers and other necessary products. I haven’t found any of them. I’m careful using my last bottle of Lysol. I’ll be so happy when this crisis is over. Easter is just around the corner. We need miracles, please dear God. Give the world a miracle!

Cypress Gardens. A beautiful location to photograph and to have family fun, except when Corona Virus is sickening the entire world.

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