Happy New Year, 2014

Dearest Readers Today is New Years Eve. A time for everyone to celebrate, just a bit too much. A time to give thanks that we are able to ‘welcome in the New Year.’ When I think of New Years Eve, I think of friendship, spending time with some of my closest friends and reminiscing aboutContinue reading “Happy New Year, 2014”

Animals Communicate to Us…

Dearest Readers: Today, I awaken to another gray day in Charleston. Now, it is raining outside. Raindrops tap, tap, tap, on the windows and I’m thankful I called my four-legged family members inside only moments ago. They are so funny when it rains. When the back door opens, they rush inside, only to stop asContinue reading “Animals Communicate to Us…”


Dearest Readers: This could be perhaps the shortest blog I have posted. Why? Simple. Actions speak louder than words. As a child, my brutal, angry mother shouted those words to me more than I wish to remember. Tonight, I am listening to the imbeciles of my neighborhood playing with fireworks. They are popping so oftenContinue reading “ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER — THAN WORDS EVER COULD…”

Merry Christmas to the World – Let Us All Take The Time To Pause…

Dearest Readers: Merry Christmas, World. It is early morning on Christmas Day. A day to reflect. A day to pause. A day to remember and appreciate the true reason for the season. A day to pray and give thanks. Christmas Day 2013 – a day to appreciate all there is. Last evening, my husband andContinue reading “Merry Christmas to the World – Let Us All Take The Time To Pause…”

When I Think About Christmas…I Think of Traditions…

Dearest Readers: Today is Christmas Eve, December 24, 2013. A day for the world to come together, to celebrate and give thanks. When I think about Christmas, I think about years past. The many, many Christmases celebrated at my maternal grandparents tiny home in the mill village of Bibb City, Georgia. I remember my grandmother’sContinue reading “When I Think About Christmas…I Think of Traditions…”

No More Christmas Cookies for This Chick At Christmas Time…No…no…NO!!!

Dearest Readers: Yesterday was my D-day. D=DREADED! Yesterday, after missing three weeks from my Weight Watchers meeting, I dressed and told myself it was time to face the music. No, I wasn’t singing. The music I had to face was the dreaded, almost morbid type of organ sound…Dum…Dum…Dum Dum. You can probably imagine the tune.Continue reading “No More Christmas Cookies for This Chick At Christmas Time…No…no…NO!!!”

Announcing the Sevierville Bloomin’ Barbeque & Bluegrass Festival

Press Release December 17, 2013 Contact: Amanda Marr Sevierville Chamber of Commerce (865) 919-5385 / amarr@scoc.org   THE STEELDRIVERS HEADLINE 10th ANNUAL SEVIERVILLE BLOOMIN’ BARBEQUE & BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL   Sevierville, Tenn. – Sevierville’s Bloomin’ Barbeque & Bluegrass (May 16 & 17, 2014) festival has announced the entertainment lineup for its tenth annual event, including aContinue reading “Announcing the Sevierville Bloomin’ Barbeque & Bluegrass Festival”

What is Christmas?

Dearest Readers: Christmas is more than gifts, socializing, drinking, partying and  simply having fun. Christmas is the season where we appreciate Christ and all that He represents. To those who are atheists, I say, it is a fact that I believe in Christ and Christmas and I strive to appreciate the true meaning of Christmas.Continue reading “What is Christmas?”

Reflections At Christmas Time

Christmas   Is…  Dearest Readers: Yes, it is the Christmas season. A time to give thanks and be appreciative for all that we are, and all that we have. A time to celebrate the birth of CHRIST…a time to recognize that IF we did not have the ‘birth of Christ’ as the reason for theContinue reading “Reflections At Christmas Time”

Today Is A New Day — The Weight Watchers Way – Back On The Wagon Again

Dearest Readers: Today is a new day, one that I will not go to my regular Weight Watchers meeting. Over the Thanksgiving holiday I have gained — again! I am so furious with myself that I could throw in the towel and give up, BUT — I shall not quit! While I am ashamed andContinue reading “Today Is A New Day — The Weight Watchers Way – Back On The Wagon Again”