So, You Call Me a Feminist!!!

As a child, I was described as ‘feisty’ — ;never a Southern Belle.’ After my father died, I read some of his collection of diaries, reading about his description of me at the age of two. Paraphrasing here, “Although only two-years-of-age, Barbara likes to be the center of attention. Tonight at a Parent Teachers meetingContinue reading “So, You Call Me a Feminist!!!”

Today has been a ‘typical’ Monday, starting off with the phone ringing — shall I say — almost continuously, along with the doorbell. Apparently a service company I shall not name forgot to tell me during a phone conversation that they were scheduling the service for early Monday morning. Since I was not exactly dressedContinue reading

Free Writing – Chattahoochee Stuff

Yesterday was a good day – a day of deadline completions and working on my story, “Chattahoochee Child.” For many years, I have worked on this story – writing a synopsis, outline and the manuscript. For many years, I recognized that I really didn’t have much of a plot, that is, until my mother died.Continue reading “Free Writing – Chattahoochee Stuff”

Free Writing

For many years, when I’ve attended writing workshops, the facilitator’s have stated writers should free write daily for five to ten minutes. What exactly is free writing? In my definition, free writing is a way for someone to simply write, without considering grammar, spelling, plot, actions, characterization or anything. ‘Just write,’ they say — without considerationContinue reading “Free Writing”