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Dearest Readers:

Happy Independence Day.

Tomorrow, Saturday July 4, 2020, is Independence Day for the USA. For those who are not aware, Independence Day – The Fourth of July—”has been a federal holiday in the United States since 1941. The tradition of Independence Day celebrations goes back to the 18th century and the American Revolution. On July 2nd, 1776, the Continental Congress voted in favor of independence…”

For many people July 4th is the day for them to raise Hell. Get drunk, and make total fools of themselves, especially during firework displays. My dogs do not like the sounds of popping, noisy, frightening fireworks. My husband, a Vietnam Veteran, doesn’t like them either since they remind him of war. As for myself, I cuddle close to my dogs, sharing love and soft voices to soothe them, and my husband. Normally, in the evening when fireworks begin, lasting until the early morning hours, I recognize I’ll not sleep much. I suppose the sounds of fireworks reminds me of lightning. Those of you who read my blog regularly know how I practically jump out of my skin whenever I see lightning!

This year, Independence Day will be a bit different for all of us in the United States as the Coronavirus, Covid-19, continues to peak. In South Carolina, according to a press release via The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control [DHEC] we have 1,629 new confirmed cases and 3 probable cases, and 19 additional deaths. In South Carolina, the total number of cases is 39,587. Ouch. Not exactly something happy to hear if you are visiting South Carolina, especially Charleston!

While I detest having to wear a mask, I make certain I have masks in my car and my handbag. Every time I step in to public areas I put that cumbersome mask on and keep it on, unless I’m eating dinner in a restaurant.

To say I’m horrified of this deadly disease is an understatement. Lots of people appear to be convinced they will not get it. “After all, I’m young. Young people are immune.”

I hope those who believe that statement have done their homework, although they appear to be — shall I say “Clueless!”

It will be interesting to see how many people celebrate July 4th without social distancing, or wearing a mask. As for my hubby and I? We will celebrate at home. Grilling burgers. I plan to make my infamous baked beans and perhaps today when I shop, I will get a July 4th dessert. I have wine chilling in the fridge so I can celebrate at home.

For me, this July 4th will be a calm celebration due to the fact that my back is getting stronger every day. I broke my back on December 23, while we were moving! The pain I’ve tolerated for almost seven months has been excruciating, to say the least. When we were quarantined, due to Coronavirus, I didn’t have a problem staying at home. I’ve been in isolation, it appears, since breaking my back. Wearing a cumbersome back brace was not exactly a fashion statement! Sometimes the pain felt as if it was taking my breath away! Now that it is better, I’ll exercise, riding my stationary exercise back and work on core exercises. So exciting, isn’t it! Yes, I will enjoy a quiet July 4th – with my pups, hubby and our new home. Yes. This will be a fourth of July to celebrate — quietly! I’ll sit on the front porch to admire our pond. The fish. Turtles. Deer. Perhaps I’ll find some decent Hallmark or Lifetime movies to watch in the late afternoon. How about you? Stay safe America. Wear your masks. Social distance, and try not to get so intoxicated you lose track of taking care of You! Happy Fourth of July! Independence Day!

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