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UPDATE — CORRECTION – Perhaps I allowed my emotions to kick in when this was originally published. The correct date of the Charleston Sofa Superstore fire was June 18, 2007 – not June 18, 2013. My apologies. The damages and vandalism was Thursday, June 25, 2020.

Dearest Readers:

About an hour ago, I arrived home ready to tidy up the house a bit, and to unpack more of the boxes that seem to grow, instead of decrease after our move.

Now, I’m angry! Anger is something I do my best to control, but I suppose today I’ve reached my limit! Yesterday while listening to the news, I heard a black guy say something to this effect – “If we don’t get our demands, then we’re going to attack and burn cities down!”

This guy should be arrested for threatening all of us. His words have echoed in my brain since yesterday. Yes. I believe “Black Lives Matter;” nevertheless, I say – ALL LIVES MATTER! Who is this guy to go on national TV and threaten America???

Today, I check Facebook while I have a bit of lunch, only to discover the Charleston Nine Memorial was damaged early today. To those of you not informed about the Charleston Nine, you might remember the story where the Sofa Super Store in Charleston burned to the ground on June 18, 2007, killing nine firefighters. Our city mourned.

We’ve had protests that should be called riots after the death of George Floyd, a black man in Minnesota. Monuments damaged,  painted, profanity written on them, and to add insult to injury, our Mayor announced the John C. Calhoun monument would be coming down. Well, it’s down now!

I suppose these rioters would say I’m a racist now. I say not. I believe in speaking your mind, standing up, not turning away when things go wrong. No. I will not protest by walking along with these angry rioters, throwing things at people, cursing, and damaging our city or other cities. However, these riots are getting out of hand!

While I understand the blacks are angry. Who can blame them? Well. I’m just a bit perplexed. I keep asking Why? Why? Why? My heritage says I’m white, so I suppose I should just keep my mouth shut because these scenarios do not affect me. I laugh. Oh, yes, indeed. These riots are changing America for the worst. We appear to be a weakened society now where domestic terrorists are doing all they can to destroy America.

What can be done?

I feel helpless. If I go somewhere and say something, then I’m part of the problem.

I’m beginning to think we are in a civil war now. Suddenly I’m thankful I moved from the suburbs to the country. I keep asking to myself – just WHAT are these rioters teaching the children with them? Will the future of America be filled with people who believe the only way to change things is to destroy things?

Yes. I’m. Angry. So angry my hands are shaking. Think I’ll sit on the porch and listen to nature, just so I can calm down.

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