Customer Service in America…

Dearest Readers:

Yes. It’s true. I, along with many friends, complain about customer service in America. Years ago, when phoning a company to express a complaint, we were transferred to a department that was capable of taking care of our needs. Now, normally, when phoning, you get transferred to one department…then, another department…dare I say it — placed on HOLD for what appears to be eternity, and finally in defeat – we hang up.

Yes. That is my style. Today, things changed.

I’m having difficulty with my Garmin Vivofit 2. In March, the battery died, so I took it to Batteries Plus to get another battery. When I originally replaced the battery, about a year ago, I purchased the lifetime battery, so this year, my battery was free. My Vivofit 2 was working fine afterwards. About three weeks ago, things changed.

In case you didn’t know, I purchased a Garmin Vivofit 2 after my Fitbit Alta band broke, and the Fitbit Alta wasn’t working properly. Defeated, I removed the Fitbit, deciding to toss anything made by Fitbit into the trash. Instead, I placed my Fitbit One and Fitbit Alta in a drawer. I purchased a Vivofit 2 on after losing confidence in Fitbit products.

On one occasion, a friend shared her experience with customer service from Fitbit — praising them, so, I decided maybe I should try. Fitbit wrist bands never hold up, so I phoned – sharing my diplomatic manner with them. Meanwhile, I wore the Garmin Vivofit 2.

While speaking with the customer service rep, she wanted me to take a picture of the wrist band and the Fitbit. I responded I threw the tacky wrist band in the trash! She placed me on Hold!

Finally, she returned, telling me she spoke with a supervisor. “Normally, we require proof that the wrist band was defective, but this time, we will send you another wrist band and we’ll replace your Alta.”

Proof of a defective wrist band? In all honesty, those wrist bands are not exactly a quality product!

So now, I wear two trackers. They make interesting conversation!

Today, I decided to contact Garmin. For about three weeks, I’ve had difficulty reading the screen of the Vivofit 2. I see a garbled number on screen, and when I go to sync it, I cannot tell if it is on the sync screen. Yesterday, I managed to move over 17,000 steps; however, with the Garmin Vivofit 2, I couldn’t comprehend IF it synced until I checked the website on my computer.

So, here I go, making a phone call while sipping my morning cup of Joe. The customer service rep pulled up my history, and moments later, he said he will send me a new device. No fee. He simply wants me to be happy with Garmin products! He mentioned I would be getting a confirmation email soon. Think I’ll check email in a few minutes, just to see.

How’s that for customer service? I was totally prepared to get the runaround. Yes. Diplomacy and kindness works!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful IF all companies trained their customer service reps in such an amazing way! I wasn’t required to “take a picture” so they could tell it was defective!

I didn’t need to get angry. I confess. I’ve worked in customer service for many years, and I’ve been rewarded with Excellent Customer Service Awards, on many occasions, I know what customer service SHOULD be in America, and beyond!

Eureka! I checked email a moment ago. The confirmation email stating I will get a replacement is in my inbox folder!

Today, I can truly say, there is nothing like customer service in America. At least…for today – Tuesday, July 23, 2019!

May you have a great day, and if you must deal with customer service, I do hope you will be treated with kindness, respect and great customer service. Thank you, Garmin!

Happy Independence Day!

Dearest Readers:

This will be a short post. Since it is July the Fourth in the USA, I wanted to wish all Americans a Happy Fourth of July, Independence Day, 2019.

Please celebrate our freedom in America and give thanks to our soldiers who are still fighting for freedom in harm’s way.

Please, if you love fireworks and are planning to shoot them into the skies today and tonight, Please consider the animals who will hear them. The Veterans with PTSD who will almost jump out of their skin when they hear them. If you plan to have a celebration with fireworks, go to a safe area to do this, not the neighbors lawns, or near animals.

I plan to keep my pups inside tonight since some of the residents in our neighborhood love to stand in the middle of the road and ignite fireworks — in my yard. Along my windows. No consideration for my husband who has PTSD. Last year, the children igniting fireworks thought it was funny to aim them near my windows. I went outside, asking them most diplomatically if they could ignite them somewhere else, and I asked Where are your parents? You’re supposed to have adult supervision.

They laughed. I considered calling the police, but I imagine they were busy since so many people consume way too many ‘adult beverages’ and drive and text while driving.

If only our neighborhood and community made the fireworks illegal here. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Finished with my complaint. Now I wish everyone Happy Independence Day. Please stay safe. If you drink, please do not drive.

Happy Fourth of July.