Dearest Caregiver…Becoming the Parent to A Parent…

Dearest Caregiver…A Letter to Help Ease When You Become the Parent to a Parent…

Hurricane Matthew vs. Hurricane Phil…

Dearest Readers: It is official. We survived Hurricane Matthew. I must confess, Matthew was nothing like Hurricane Hugo. NOTHING! Early Friday morning, before the wrath of Matthew, my husband followed me to park my car in one of the downtown garages in Charleston. I was fearful Matthew might blow out windows, or thrust a tree intoContinue reading “Hurricane Matthew vs. Hurricane Phil…”

Hurricane Matthew Scheduled to Arrive Soon

  Dearest Readers: October 7, 2016, will be a day for history. Hurricane Matthew is scheduled to hit the southeast coast of South Carolina later today. Looking out my window, I see the winds gusting now. Occasional rains tap my windows periodically, but not enough now to worry. Our family consists of my husband andContinue reading “Hurricane Matthew Scheduled to Arrive Soon”

Memories of Hurricane Hugo, Hurricane Floyd, and Soon — Hurricane Matthew

  Dearest Readers: I remember September 21, 1989 and Hurricane Hugo, a category four hurricane when it SLAMMED into the Charleston Harbor. My husband was activated with the SC National Guard. I chose to volunteer at the culinary college where I worked. caring for  60 students in a historical building that once was a tobaccoContinue reading “Memories of Hurricane Hugo, Hurricane Floyd, and Soon — Hurricane Matthew”

Living With Hurricanes – Hurricane Matthew

  Dearest Readers: Today is an early morning day. A day to make certain we are prepared for Hurricane Matthew. Living in the low country of Charleston, SC, exactly four miles from the beach, I have been in several hurricanes. The first was Hurricane Hugo in 1989. During that strong hurricane, my husband was inContinue reading “Living With Hurricanes – Hurricane Matthew”

The Top 10 Workout Songs for October 2016

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Top 10 Workout Songs for October 2016 Fort Wayne, IN – October 3, 2016 – This month’s top workout songs include a perfect blend of comebacks and collaborations. In the mix below, rockers Kings of Leon return to the charts with a new single and Lady Gaga returns to her popContinue reading “The Top 10 Workout Songs for October 2016”

When and If Hurricane Matthew Comes to the Lowcountry…

Dearest Readers: Within 24-36 hours, we, in the low country, will know what our chance of meeting Hurricane Matthew is. Here’s what I predict. As most of you know, Charleston, SC is the ‘number one city in the world.’ No doubt, a Chamber of Commerce statement. Yes, it is a beautiful city. Antiquated!!! And I’mContinue reading “When and If Hurricane Matthew Comes to the Lowcountry…”