Day Three – Hurricane Florence Update

Dearest Readers:

Thought I’d post a quick update regarding Hurricane Florence. We are ready for her. Today is day three of listening to the Weather Channel, and Channel 2 weather reports. By now, I’m almost burned out from listening to the same thing…over…and over…and over again!

Hurricane Florence is now a Category Three. Yesterday at this time, she was Category Four. Just shows, you don’t mess with a woman when she’s in a hurry to get somewhere, and forgets the directions. Only then, will a woman a clam up to make others feel as cold as ice, or as stormy and powerful as the winds when she is – shall I say – annoyed!

My hubby says I’m good at that. LOL! He also says I’m ‘childish,’ whenever I give him the cold shoulder. He should know, so I’ll not confirm or deny. After all, we are discussing a ‘hurricane a-coming,’ aren’t we!

To those in the direction of this her-I-cane, yes, intentionally misspelled so please don’t say I have a typo! To all of you, I want to say, if you’re lacking faith, or do not pray, maybe tonight is a good night to say a little prayer. Trust me, God is there. He listens, even when storms are-a-comin’!

Someone in my neighborhood must be having a hurricane party. There are lots of cars parked on the roadway, and I hear laughing, shouting, and maybe a bit of music. Maybe someday I’ll get gutsy and throw a hurricane party. For this hurricane, all I want to do is watch TV and snuggle up with hubby and the Bratty Boys! Yes. I’m sick of listening to the latest predictions, of where…when…and how… I simply want this Hurricane Florence to get to her destination and leave, and I pray the damage and power of her rage will not be as strong as ‘they,’ on the Weather Channel and local TV are predicting.

During this time I remember when I worked at the culinary college in 1989 during Hurricane Hugo. The administration was looking for volunteers to help with the students, so I volunteered. I don’t think I slept for over 30 hours or longer. I learned a lot about students during that time. The old cliché, the bigger they are, the harder they fall, certainly applied. Several students wanted hugs so, I shared hugs with all of them. Those were good memories during Hurricane Hugo, and after the wrath of the storm, when it was confirmed that we could allow everyone to go outside, just to get a fresh breath, I felt a newfound pride for all that we endured. Some of the students held teddy bears, pillows, blankets during the intense sounds of Hugo. All of them needed the comforts of home, so on the fourth floor of the historical building, now called The Cigar Factory, we snuggled together in a big warehouse room. No windows. Only the roar of a freight train, as we listened to Hugo and his arrogance. Because the building is such an old, brick historical building, at times, I could see the flash of lightning, and when I did, I shivered. I have an intense phobia of lightning, but I knew, I had to be strong. Some of the students wanted to pray, so we joined hands and prayed.

Standing outside the morning after Hugo, the students thanked me for being Mom to them. How proud I was of myself and these students. We survived a devil’s night of Hurricane Hugo, and we were the better for it. Hugo taught us strength, and mostly, that hurricane taught some students to pray and to have faith. I’ve always said a bad start means a great ending. Suppose that is true.

It is dark outside now while I am typing this. We’ve had scattered, light showers today. Nothing different from other days when we have afternoon showers. Still, I get phone calls inquiring: Are you leaving? I laugh. Nope, we are staying here. We have the Bratty Boys (our precious, beloved animals). Mostly, we have faith. Phil and I have battled many storms not just the torrential storms, but — all types. Sometimes verbal storms. If you’ve been married, perhaps you understand. 

Yesterday while talking on the phone to one of my dearest friends, we both laughed when we spoke about Hawaii and what they must do when hurricanes knock on their doors. Just where do they go? They can’t reverse a bridge???  Evacuate? Where??? Well, maybe they drive up in the mountains. On second thought, maybe not. Isn’t that where the active volcanoes are? Sometimes my mind should just shut down!

I suppose I’ll have another post tomorrow. I still have things to do. Making certain all the laundry is done. Think I only have a couple of things to wash. I want to make sure our undies are nice and fresh. After all, a hurricane is a-coming, and with it, we’ll probably lose power. Need to vacuum again too. Just tidy up a bit – before the Hurricane knows on our door. The door bell doesn’t work, so maybe Florence will leave us alone!

It is quiet now. No wind is blowing. Perhaps, the calm before the storm…And on that note, I suppose I’ll close and toss a few things into the wash. Until tomorrow!cropped-arthur-ravenel-bridge





Charleston, SC Crippled Due to Snow Storm – January, 2018

Dearest Readers:

In a world of updated, upgraded technology I find it a bit funny that the City of Charleston is virtually CRIPPLED due to the snow storm. Our roads are still slippery with black ice. I understand that because a snow storm in Charleston is not normal; nevertheless, I cannot get a newspaper (aka Post and Courier) since Wednesday morning. I attempted to phone them. All I got on the phone was “Goodbye.” Suppose their outdated, antiquated communication device is overloaded with calls. Let’s forget the US Mail? Isn’t mail supposed to be delivered thru “snow, sleet and hail?” We haven’t had any mail in the new year of 2018.

Yes, the roads are horrific. According to a news source last night, there have been many accidents. Drivers are still doing the speed limits and they are tailgating. Many tow trucks are a bit too busy. A pedestrian was killed due to a car losing control and hitting the pedestrian. Alerts pop up on my IPhone letting me know about road and bridge conditions. Living like this makes me think of how Charleston must’ve been in the 1800’s, only now – it is 2018. This city is not prepared for these conditions. I’ve lived in Charleston for over 40 years. The only significant snow storm I’ve seen was in 1989, after Hurricane Hugo, God blessed this city with a beautiful blanket of snow on Christmas Day, 1989.

People who moved here because it is such a ‘lovely, historical city’ are slightly irritated now, actually asking WHY can’t this city scrape the roads, or why can’t Charleston purchase road scrapers so we can get out?

News Alert Break for Charleston – we are a tourist city. We do not normally have snow. We are not prepared because in many ways we pride ourselves for being a tourist icon. If you came to visit our beautiful city and are finding yourself trapped in a hotel room, well — this too shall pass.

Today is day three of the snow. My precious Bratty Boys enjoy every time they go outside. They hop like deer through the snow, chasing one another, playing, refusing to come inside. Of course, I continue inviting them inside. Reluctantly, they rush to the door, only to slide at the doorway. Such little clowns.

My husband has been home since Wednesday morning. He has cabin fever now – getting on my nerves just a bit!

Yesterday, Weight Watchers could not open due to road and bridge conditions. Suppose I’ll wait until next Thursday to hear the latest about Freestyle.

Meanwhile, I am enjoying the snow. As for the crippling of a city? Not enjoying it too much. After all, this is Charleston, South Carolina. Our climate is normally almost tropical. I pray my saga palms, and other plants will survive this snow. Suppose I’ll not know that until the early spring when and if they bloom.

Welcome to Charleston, tourists. If you are a snow bird, annoyed with our weather, well you could always go to Florida. That is — when the road conditions improve. One thing this city and every city cannot do is to control the weather.  Soon, you may click your heels and say, “there’s no place like home…there’s no place like home.” Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the snow – just like I am.

Happy Snow Days!