And Now I Can See! The Adventures of Cataract Surgery

Dearest Readers: Monday, January 14, 2019, I experienced my first cataract surgery on my left eye. If you’ve never had cataract surgery you might not understand the reasoning. From my observation, I believe eye surgeons prefer doing only one eye at a time. I’m thankful I followed these suggestions. I remember my grandmother having cataractContinue reading “And Now I Can See! The Adventures of Cataract Surgery”

What Is It In the Sky Today?

Breaking News – Charleston, SC, January 5, 2019 — – Today, there is something bright in the sky. EVERYONE is shaking their heads saying, “What’s going on? It’s so bright? What can it be?” We’ve researched several sources, and checked with meteorologists in the area. According to them: “there is a bright object in theContinue reading “What Is It In the Sky Today?”