Casey Anthony — Guilty or Not Guilty? You Decide…

If you read my posts on this blog, you will note I am addicted to current events and the latest ‘news updates.’ This week, while writing, I have been listening to TruTV and the Casey Anthony Trial. Looking at her, with her puffed up lips, smirks, and laughter – occasionally, I can’t help being aContinue reading “Casey Anthony — Guilty or Not Guilty? You Decide…”

Freewriting – with a Subject In Mind!

I’m in an online writers group that is most supportive and helpful. This week one of the subjects is Elevator, and so here I go with a brief, true story: “Phillip, just stay on the elevator sweetie. Don’t step off. It will come back down and I’ll be right here waiting for you.” Listening toContinue reading “Freewriting – with a Subject In Mind!”

Vacuuming and I Do Not Agree

Approximately two, perhaps three, years ago I bought a new vacuum. The latest and greatest Oreck vacuum – designed for ease and simplicity during household chores. For a few months, it worked beautifully — then, the drama started! A clog that would not clear. I took it to my local Oreck dealership. Repairs needed toContinue reading “Vacuuming and I Do Not Agree”