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If you read my posts on this blog, you will note I am addicted to current events and the latest ‘news updates.’

This week, while writing, I have been listening to TruTV and the Casey Anthony Trial. Looking at her, with her puffed up lips, smirks, and laughter – occasionally, I can’t help being a bit curious as to what is on her mind. At times, she sits writing on legal pads. Other times, her face is tight, with that dreadful lip pouting.

Watching her family sitting together, testifying LOTS, I recognize the dysfunctions of a family that probably will never be healed. I did not buy into the testimony of Cindy Anthony and her computer skills. I did not buy into the testimony of George either.  Who cares if he had an affair with “River Cruz?” What is significant is how desperate this family appears to be to ‘save Casey.’

I have followed this story since the beginning. I saw the compelling pictures of Caley while thinking ‘what a gorgeous little girl. How can a mother not come forward and admit that her daughter is missing? And — how can a mother go out and party with friends, shopping, and other outings when she knows the real truth about her daughter?’

This scenario is so unbelievable. Only Casey knows the truth and I suspect she knows she did something tragic to her daughter.

Caley was such a beautiful child — with piercing eyes and a beautiful face. Her life was cut so short. Is it true that Casey did not want to be a mom? Yes, motherhood is demanding and it is certainly different from babysitting, but Casey had the support of grandparents who adored Caley.

The truth will never be revealed — unless Casey takes the witness stand. I certainly hope she decides to step onto the witness stand and I hope the prosecutors truly rip her to shreds. Let us see her cry and let her tell us in her words exactly what happened to Caley.

The more I think about this story, the angrier I get at Casey. I simply do not understand how a mother can be such a monster. Years ago, South Carolina had a monster like Casey — Susan Smith. At least she finally came forward and admitted her guilt. Why can’t Casey Anthony?

Casey, if you are reading this, shame on you for all that you have done. The evidence revealed so far speaks for itself and if I was a member of the jury, I would not buckle one inch. I’d find you guilty and I would agree to the death penalty. You took the life of a precious child. May you never see the beauty of sunshine or freedom again!

2 thoughts on “Casey Anthony — Guilty or Not Guilty? You Decide…

  1. Steve B. says:

    Unfortunately for Calley and the State I feel the prosecution has proved nothing except the fact that Casey is a chronic liar. They did not prove murder. Yes the remains were found and everything the prosecution experts testified to was found to be unproven when it came out that the skull was disturbed by either being picked up with a stick through the eye socket or falling or rolling out of the bag. So things were not as in tact as we were led to believe. I think there is more to this story than what actually came out. The Judge did not allow the defense an opportunity to explore or show more doubt with all the objections allowed and the jury not being allowed to hear some significant testimony. The amount of side bars was rediculous.The defense does NOT have to prove anything except show some reason of doubt however on the other hand the prosecution needs to PROVE GUILT and this they did NOT do in my opinion. Cindy Anthony came across as being a liar, Lee, I wonder about him and I am sorry but George Anthony is one I really wonder about. A former detective did not think of looking down the street from his house for Casey or her remains. How did he know the car was out of gas. He did not want to call the police upon bringing home the car that stunk & rather chose to try airing it out and going to work and then Cindy called after spraying it down with Fabreeze. I’m not sure George was not trying to hide something. One thing is true for sure, that whole family seems to have issues. Baez had a tough case and was given very little lead way, but he was able to prove one thing and that is that the prosecution did NOT prove Casey killed her daughter nor did thay actually prove how. Everything is total speculation now as it was before and I could NOT convict on speculation and circumstancial alone. With that being said, Verdict should be not guilty on 1st two counts and gets to go home with time served on all other counts.

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