Holding My Breath in Anticipation that AT&T UVerse Works — This Time

Dear Readers: I am pleased to report that AT&T communicated well with me this morning, sending a text stating that today is the day for your repair…then a phone call from the technician stating he would be at the house within 20 minutes. He was scheduled between the hours of 12-4pm. He arrived a fewContinue reading “Holding My Breath in Anticipation that AT&T UVerse Works — This Time”


Hello, Readers: Yes, it is me. Barbie Perkins-Cooper –once again stepping into the shoes of Julia Sugarbaker to inform my reading public about AT&T UVerse! IF you are even considering ‘hooking up’ with AT&T for ‘bundling’ or UVerse think twice. I have been on the phone with them AGAIN after my landline UVerse went outContinue reading “AT&T Still SUCKS”

Hello, AT&T UVerse — Are You Listening???

How am I doing this morning, questions Facebook. Are you certain you want an answer, FB? OK — here goes. Got up early after battling sleep – tired, but ready to check e-mail and surf the net for research purposes. You’ll never guess what I discovered! The wonderful — ever so dependable (NOT) DEPENDABLE —Continue reading “Hello, AT&T UVerse — Are You Listening???”

Sears — Customer Services for Appliance Repairs — NEEDS MAJOR IMPROVEMENT!

Last week, I fought with my Kenmore front load washing machine for much too long. I kept getting an “OE” error. I followed the instructions to the letter, cleaning the dust and lint from the areas suggested; nevertheless, each time I tried to use the machine it refused to drain or spin. My husband, aContinue reading “Sears — Customer Services for Appliance Repairs — NEEDS MAJOR IMPROVEMENT!”

My Apologies For the New Year and Beyond!

To those who read my blog on a regular basis, I would like to apologize for being a bit slack during November and December. My goal is to post on a regular basis, especially about subjects that get under my skin, or subjects I find newsworthy. Since late October, I have been ill and thatContinue reading “My Apologies For the New Year and Beyond!”

Through the Eyes of Love

To those¬†who read my blog on a regular basis, you will know what an advocate I am for animals, especially Schnauzers. This week has taught me how blessed I am to have such kind and loving animals. My oldest mini-Schnauzer is not a rescue. We adopted him from friends who had a pregnant schnauzer readyContinue reading “Through the Eyes of Love”