AT&T Actually Kept Their Word — IT’S ABOUT TIME!

Dearest Readers:

Yesterday was truly a day where my normal cool, calm and collective persona almost exploded. The morning started with another complaint to AT&T to let them know the scheduled technician never arrived on the evening of April 16. Of course, they suggested rescheduling…I blew a fuse. To make a most frustrating day complete, I reluctantly agreed to a 12-4pm schedule, letting the customer service person know IF they did not show this time, there definitely would not be another time and I would cancel my service with the wonderful (???) AT&T. Let’s just say, all Hell broke loose when I was driving and answered the cell phone. I was told by the service tech assigned that I needed to recall and request a service technician since I did not have service thru UVerse. That was news to me!!!

Arriving home from my errands, I phoned AT&T again. The customer service rep assured me that I DID have Uverse and the tech must be a bit confused. Duh! Ya think!!!

Again, the tech was rescheduled. I phoned my husband, almost pleading for him to come home to take care of these people/situation. Long story short — the tech arrived a little after one. He did not leave until about 4pm. Apparently the lines were needing replacing, rewiring…or something and we needed a new modem. Duh again…that is what we requested previously…I suppose those techs simply thought I was a dumb blonde and they could B-S their way with me. This time…I was ready. I spoke to the tech and allowed my husband to supervise.

So far, the phone is working…the modem has all of the green lights working which it did not have prior. The computer is moving faster and I am not getting those “This page can not be displayed,” messages anymore.

So, to bottom line this story — if you have AT&T — and you are having UVerse difficulties, just let your — excuse the expression — bitchy ways kick in. No more Ms. Nice Lady for me with AT&T. I can assert myself, and they do not want to mess with me anymore! Isn’t it sad that in America we still must tolerate customer service reps who do not believe, or understand what a woman communicates. If I heard, “I understand your frustration,” once — I must’ve heard it a thousand times while on the phone with them. I have their names, but I’ll keep those names to myself!

How I hope AT&T learned something yesterday! Now, let us pray I’ll not have anymore difficulties with my telephone system.

Makes me wonder — does AT&T really train their ‘service technicians?’ I still have my doubts, but I pray this scenario is over, done and will never occur again! I don’t like being a bitch, but I certainly know how to when necessary, and I can be kissy sweet, but oh so persuasive. Lesson learned — don’t mess with a Steel Magnolia!

AT&T — Another No Show!!!

I suppose all of my FB friends are curious as to what happened during the ‘scheduled appointment with AT&T’ yesterday. I reported ‘the technician is scheduled to arrive between 4pm – 8pm,’ according to the text sent to my cell phone at 9:02am yesterday… Well, the plot thickens. We waited from 4-8pm… I had a headache and exhaustion from three nights of no sleep. The clock ticked away…finally at 8:15pm I simply gave up…so, AT&T STRIKES AGAIN! There were no phone calls made to us to inform us when the technician would show…No follow up…Nothing! The customer service rep is supposed to phone me today to inquire about how the repair went…I can’t wait… I shall fill his ears full with my complaints.

So, FB friends, who should I contract with to end this joke with AT&T…I’m simply tired of tolerating this form of customer service. I’ve had AT&T thru several name changes for my home phone, better known now as a landline. Let’s see, at first it was Southern Bell, then Bell South and now, AT&T… Whatever happened to customer service in America…has it been outsourced too? When they phone me today I WILL GET A CREDIT ON MY PHONE BILL, and I will not book another appointment with them. I’m tired of AT&T! It is now “America’s Terrible and Tumultuous” phone service — perhaps AT&T’s new name! Can’t wait for their phone call today! Don’t mess with me, AT&T!


Hello, Readers:

Yes, it is me. Barbie Perkins-Cooper –once again stepping into the shoes of Julia Sugarbaker to inform my reading public about AT&T UVerse!

IF you are even considering ‘hooking up’ with AT&T for ‘bundling’ or UVerse think twice. I have been on the phone with them AGAIN after my landline UVerse went out again.

Now, I have an additional credit on my phone. Whoopee!

Tomorrow, dispatch is scheduled to visit my home again — oh joy — just like they were scheduled last week and failed to show because “Dispatch was cancelled since AT&T is having technical problems.” I let them know they better show this time, or they will deal with me once again, and this time — well, Hell have no fury like a woman scorned! And Yes, I have caps on in this paragraph for a reason — I am so annoyed.

How I wish my husband had not decided to switch to the ‘bundling with AT&T while I was so sick. That is something I can’t change, but I can certainly let my readers know about my experience.

Hello, AT&T — yes, this is Barbie Perkins-Cooper, reporting once again about the disservice I am getting with your new toy — UVerse! Why don’t you fix it? I am sick of calling you daily to report “my phone or Internet doesn’t work — AGAIN!

What ever happened to customer service in America? At least AT&T customer service reps handle the situation well.

Let’s just say — the Julia Sugarbaker in me kicked in again — and this time, she is ramming the newsstand just to get her point across!

I can only imagine how many landline business calls I am missing since UVerse chose to have these ridiculous problems again. This is getting to be a daily adventure for me.

Readers, stay tuned! The adventures of UVerse is coming to a city near you. Let us hope and pray you have a landline and an Internet that really works! I don’t like working or playing with ‘big boy toys,’ and that is all that UVerse is. If I had to critique it or grade it — it would get a BIG F. On a scale of 1 to 10 with ten being the absolutely worst — AT&T gets 10, and that is not good!

AT&T are you listening?

Hello, AT&T UVerse — Are You Listening???

How am I doing this morning, questions Facebook. Are you certain you want an answer, FB? OK — here goes. Got up early after battling sleep – tired, but ready to check e-mail and surf the net for research purposes. You’ll never guess what I discovered! The wonderful — ever so dependable (NOT) DEPENDABLE — more like Pony Express dependability— UVERSE is not working AGAIN! I did all the diagnostic testing I could do. I phoned the catalog of phone numbers I am collecting — using my IPhone since the ever dependable land line is NOT WORKING AGAIN!

By the time I connect with a rep, I am touched by her professional mannerism and ability to assist someone who is more like a displeased Julia Sugarbaker than the classy lady I always prefer being. You must understand — this is at least the sixth or seventh time I’ve dealt with these issues in the past week, and that does not include the days of no phone service when I was so sick — during December and early January. During those weeks, my head was a fog of illness and no one wanted to speak with me! Trust me, I am not a nice Steel Magnolia when I’m sick! Just don’t cross my path!

Since we’ve had so many issues with UVerse, I supposedly have a credit on my UVerse bill, although I haven’t received the bill yet. Shouldn’t I be compensated for my time. Aren’t my skills, frustrations and professionalism worthy? Maybe not. I’m still just a bit P-O’d!

For now, if someone asked me how I liked the ‘bundling plan’ with AT&T, I would say — RUN don’t walk away, and don’t EVEN consider bundling. Just cancel your landline and be thankful for cell phones!

If someone asked me how I liked UVerse…I would probably step into the shoes of Julia Sugarbaker and say —

“How do I like UVerse? You are truly asking me for my opinion of how I like UVerse?”

“Well…let’s just say, UVerse appears to take a landline to a part of the Universe that has only barbarian lifestyles and not the lifestyle I am accustomed to living in the Twenty-first Century! UVerse appears to not work, more than it works…and when you book an appointment for dispatch to come to your home, while you wait…and Wait…anD WAIT…when you finally call them after waiting for four hours, you are told that “there have been a few problems within the Southeast, and all dispatch was cancelled for today…”

Not even the courtesy of a phone call? No one had the decency to phone? “Not even an intern? Excuse me, I thought this was the computer era, where computers generate telephone calls to us during intimate hours…during hours where we are sitting with our families having dinner…during additional hours where we are attempting to relax, take a refreshing bath, or during times when we simply want privacy…and now you tell me that no one had the decency to phone my cell phone to let me know that NO ONE is coming to my home today, to repair these issues? My phone is still dead. Thank God I have a cell phone…Do I make myself clear, AT&T?”

This morning, I was so ready for them, but when the nice, courteous, professional customer service rep spoke, my demeanor changed — immediately. I suppose it is true, and I have practiced this all of my life — “Kill with kindness.”

AT&T has truly pushed my buttons lately, while I still collect e-mails with instructions of what to do — those e-mails failed to work this morning. Resetting the modem three times before calling failed to work…and I am supposed to be kind?

And I ask you, UVerse, how is it that when I finally get the right person to speak with, she directs me to ‘reset the modem…’

My reply, “I’ve done that three times so far. It hasn’t worked.”

“Let’s try it once more.”

OK — I place the cell phone down. Disconnect the modem, count to ten, and then to fifteen, reconnect the modem, and the bloody thing decides to work. I check the speaker of my land line…It works.

OK — so let’s face it. Phones were created by Alexander Graham Bell — a man. Computers were created by a male dominated population, and of course, if you ask “Gore” the Internet was created by him. So, it’s obvious…this type of technology doesn’t like women!

Who cares, I say — at least the stupid technology is working for now. How Long? Good question…maybe I’ll ask a man to respond, just to see how he will react.

On second thought –maybe I’ll get a nice cup of coffee, read the local newspaper — The Post and Courier, and look for the typos and grammar imperfections! Now, that’s an idea!